The Arctic climate is extremely cold, with a record low ice cover rate of only 3.7 million square kilometers. A new world may emerge

NASA recently has a very famous study, these scientists based on the new data released by the National Snow and Ice Data Center of the United States. The conclusion is that there may be no ice in the Arctic in summer.

On September 15 of this year, the Arctic sea ice may have reached the minimum annual coverage. Now in 2020, that is today, September 27, its range has hit a new low again, which is really amazing. These data are actually displayed by satellites, so we know that the Arctic climate is more and more extreme now, after all, human production and life Activity has pushed the north pole to another high.

In the Arctic, there will be fires in 2020 and extreme weather of 38 degrees, but this may only be the beginning. There should be more in the future.

Of course, according to the satellite data, how low is the coverage frequency of the Arctic? According to the specific figures, we may see the seriousness of the situation. First, the Arctic ice sheet has been reduced to 37400 square kilometers – but according to the previous data, the total area of the Arctic ice sheet is as high as 21 million square kilometers. Therefore, less than 1 / 7 of the original is covered by ice, which is completely overturned in our cognition, and the extreme climate can be seen from the data.

According to the data, experts also further warned that this change is already preliminary, and the melting of the later period of wind change may further reduce the area of ice. And coastal scientists agree with this view. As we all know, the factors of sea ice change are relatively single, but now it’s 2020, everything needs to be comprehensively evaluated. For example, the heat wave in Siberia in spring has laid the foundation for accelerating melting in the dry season

Therefore, combining the above experts and the United States. According to recent studies, great changes have taken place in the Arctic climate. At the same time, due to further changes in the earth’s ecology in 2020, the complex climate system is extremely affecting the coverage of sea ice, which is never good news for human beings.

So why do you say there will be some events in the Arctic?

According to the survey report of Norway, in the past 30 years, the average temperature of a Norwegian Peninsula in the Arctic circle has increased by 10 ℃, which has caused indelible damage to the whole local ecosystem. Greenland is the area with the most serious change. After all, there are very old ice shelves in these places. Under the influence of climate, these sea ice are extremely cold Fast melting.

Therefore, all of these will make the background different from the original. This is the most tragic new Arctic. Experts even predict very sad that before the end of this century, the global climate system will become the same as before. It’s very different. It’s going to be totally different.

The Arctic system has been disturbed to form a new world. In addition to the melting of glaciers, sea level rise and other very important factors can be called negative effects. At the same time, the permafrost in the Arctic region is also an important problem. If the East earth melts again, methane gas will be released, and the greenhouse effect will be further enhanced.

Therefore, in the end, the impact of the Arctic on the earth has been further improved, and only by stabilizing the ecosystem can human beings save themselves from various crises. From now on, we should protect the earth.

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