The Arctic has broken through the 38 degree high temperature, the permafrost layer continues to melt, and prehistoric biological remains appear frequently!

In our traditional cognition, the north and south poles have always been the symbol of cold, but since 2020, the north and south poles have also been often mentioned by people. Who would have thought that the Arctic, which is covered with ice and snow all the year round, has reached a high temperature of 38 degrees. This means that the Arctic permafrost has begun to melt, many creatures buried in the permafrost have also appeared in front of human beings, and scientists are also very worried.

The permafrost began to melt

The Arctic permafrost has existed for tens of thousands of years. Over the years, the permafrost has maintained its original appearance. However, with the development of human industrial activities, the global temperature continues to rise, and these permafrost began to melt. Scientists once found many remains of prehistoric organisms in the Arctic permafrost. Although these remains can lead them to a better life We have a good understanding of that period, but scientists are not happy, because in addition to the bodies of these prehistoric organisms, there are many unexpected unknown organisms in the permafrost, such as viruses and bacteria. If these ancient viruses are released, it will be a great disaster for human beings.

Although our medical level has been very high, in the face of many large-scale diseases, we are not at a loss, but throughout this year’s epidemic situation, although China’s epidemic has been obviously controlled, many foreign countries are still suffering from the epidemic. If the ancient virus in the Arctic frozen soil is released, it is uncertain whether it can be really resisted according to the current medical level of human beings, and this is not the worst case.

The area of glaciers in the north and south poles is very high. If the temperature continues to rise and all glaciers melt, it means that the earth’s sea level will begin to rise. If it is a low-lying coastal country, it will first submerge into the sea bottom. Looking at the human pattern of the whole earth, we will find that the terrain of many developed countries is relatively low, so that time may be the end of human civilization.

Prehistoric remains

In 2019, scientists found a wolf head in the Arctic region. The structure of the wolf head is very complete, with sharp teeth and exaggerated mouth. It’s really impressive. After the analysis of scientists, they found that the wolf head has a history of more than 40000 years.

In addition to wolf heads, scientists have found many prehistoric biological remains, disappeared mammoths and female larks in the Arctic circle. These are creatures we have never seen before. Although they are well preserved, scientists have found that there are many bacteria in their bodies. Although prehistoric scientists have sounded the alarm bell for the study of organisms, they can also make us better.

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