The Arctic never stops, scientists discover ancient creatures, or affect human survival!

The Arctic never stops, scientists discover ancient creatures, or affect human survival!

Many parts of the earth have four seasons, the climate is very clear, the coldest in winter, the hottest in summer, only the spring and autumn is the most popular. Just entering 2020, the four seasons of the year seem to have completely changed, and the temperature in many areas gradually rises, jumping directly from spring to summer. Many people would rather stay in the air-conditioned room every day than go out to play. The change of the environment makes people unprepared.

What’s more surprising is that the temperature in the north and south polar regions is also abnormal. The north and south polar regions are part of the ecosystem. Few people live here. The main reason is that the temperature is low all the year round, and human beings have no such high tolerance. Their existence is not meaningless. The climate of the north and south poles is integrated with that of the earth, neutralizing each other and changing the temperature of the earth. In recent years, the problem of global climate rising has become more and more serious, causing the greenhouse effect. The glaciers in the north and south poles show signs of melting, and more and more new species have been found. Scientists are worried that their emergence is not a good thing and has awakened mankind. The Arctic never stops, scientists discover ancient creatures, or affect human survival!

Scientists discover ancient creatures in the Arctic

In addition, scientists have discovered an ancient creature in the Arctic, which has aroused heated discussion. In 2018, scientists found a long-standing ancient creature in Siberia. After investigation, it has a history of 40000 years. At the beginning, people didn’t know what it was. On the surface, it looks like a wolf and a dog, which is absolutely not simple. Until 2020, the most convincing view is an ancient wolf. According to the relevant data, its total length should be maintained at about 40 cm. The remains are extremely complete and have high research value.

After that, more and more ancient creatures were discovered. They all had perfect skin tissue and brain tissue. It didn’t look like the remains that had been dead for so many years. Nowadays, the melting traces of glaciers and permafrost are more and more obvious, and the appearance of so many ancient biological remains makes scientists extremely anxious. Through the identification of DNA, scientists found that the event is not good, they have countless bacteria, whether these bacteria are infectious or not is still unknown, if the infectious is very high, human beings will face extinction.

The impact of global warming on human beings

Generally speaking, the Arctic used to be a perfect ecosystem, but now the picture is caused by global warming. A lot of permafrost also contains a lot of carbon dioxide and methane, which are harmful to human body and will only accelerate the generation of greenhouse effect. Considering the current situation, the environment in the north and south polar regions is even worse due to the influence of climate.

We have already felt the Revenge of the earth. In 2020, there will be many unprecedented disasters, and the ecological balance will be greatly damaged. Many people also try to migrate to other planets, thinking that this can solve the problem. What we should do is to solve these problems from the source. All this has a great relationship with human behavior. Human beings have unrestrained destruction of the environment, making the earth developing rapidly Cry, it’s time for you to take some actions. What do you think when you see these scenes in the north and south poles? You can leave a message for interaction.

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