The Arctic temperature as high as 32 ℃ is not the biggest news. The biggest news is about polar bears

Recently, the high temperature has swept the world and lasted for a long time. The compatriots all over the country are worried about it. Xiaobian hopes to get through the high temperature as soon as possible. What’s important is that the coldest circle in the Arctic will not be forgiven. Recently, with the advent of continuous high temperature, the Arctic began to melt. The polar bear in the picture struggled to find the temporary ice. Because the high temperature ice became smaller, it was difficult to bear the weight of two lovely polar bears. In order to find the small ice, the polar bear had to keep swimming. Fortunately, the polar bear was very happy The bear finally found the ice floe and gasped for breath!

Explorers will find the body of the poor polar bear sleeping quietly on the shore. According to the inspection report, the polar bear died of swimming for a long time, and eventually drowned. In the war with the high temperature death, the only thing he could fight for was this persistence. The Arctic was urged by the high temperature to melt desperately, which made the polar bear need to find food and home. Recently, there is a rare 32 ℃ high temperature in the Arctic, and people are happy Are you facing the unbearable burden of life?

It has been proved that: compared with the temperature in Beijing, the temperature in the Arctic is higher, plants in high latitudes grow green buds earlier, fish, birds and insects miss the best foraging time because of the difference in latitude, and the animals in the north and south poles will also have the present ending.

Recently, the high temperature in Canada caused 8 people to suffer from heatstroke and more than 70 people died,

Temperature comparison:

If it continues, the glaciers in the north and south poles will disappear. We have asked why there is continuous high temperature in the world. Have we investigated the reasons?

Here are a few points

Exhaust emissions from private cars.

Household appliances are on standby for a long time.

Stacking and burning of domestic waste.

Large scale development destroys the environment, consumes a lot of coal and oil, and releases a lot of greenhouse gases, which is beyond the capacity of the environment.

Xiaobian here suggests that you travel on foot to reduce disposable products.

How long will the earth fever last? The answer given by the China Meteorological Administration: global warming is still going on. If people don’t stop the high temperature extreme weather, they will occupy the earth wantonly in the summer of the next year.

The glaciers in the Arctic circle are likely to disappear, and the home of the cute polar bear is in danger. This picture comes from the call of the polar bear. Watching the green forest disappear in front of you and the snow covered glaciers wantonly melt, don’t you really feel sad? If we can exchange our lives and homes for your selfish desires and not destroy the environment, then I would like to! This may be the last piece of advice mankind has ever heard.

Living in the same land, we are not the masters of nature. Please protect our polar bears and give them a pure land in your lifetime!

What else do you know about environmental protection? Welcome to comment!

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