The Arctic temperature is reaching a new high, methane is releasing on a large scale, and the earth may become a fireball!

The Arctic temperature is reaching a new high, methane is releasing on a large scale, and the earth may become a fireball!

Since entering the era of industrialization, human activities have become more and more frequent, and the earth’s ecosystem has been undergoing unprecedented changes, which is still increasing. Human beings do not agree at all. They continue to carry out endless activities. Whether they are discharging pollutants or littering, they will cause great burden to the earth. It is not difficult to find that since the year 2020, the earth’s problems, such as drought, high temperature, heavy rainfall and so on, have been put on the agenda. Some people say that these are the revenge plans launched by the earth for human beings. These problems are more and more serious, especially the climate change, which has changed the temperature all over the world and made the ecological environment worse.

How can human beings change the status quo?

There is only one way, that is, with concerted efforts, we can change the current situation. This is not just a human problem, but a global human problem. Some time ago, there was a relevant statistical report that the global carbon dioxide emissions reached 59 million tons. We all know that carbon dioxide is the key reason for the aggravation of the greenhouse effect. With so much carbon dioxide emissions, it’s hard not to raise the global temperature. The Arctic temperature is reaching a new high, methane is releasing on a large scale, and the earth may become a fireball!

What is the effect of methane on the earth?

At the same time, NASA has issued a report on climate. Now there is a large-scale release of methane in the Arctic. During the survey of the Arctic, scientists found that most areas are abnormal. Many sediments have been biodegraded by bacteria, releasing a large amount of methane gas. Compared with carbon dioxide, methane is more serious. Its heat absorption capacity is dioxygen 30 times of carbon, resulting in the aggravation of the greenhouse effect, global warming is becoming more and more serious, and the temperature in various regions has entered the high mode.

When methane comes out from the bottom of the lake, the bubble column is used as an insulator to slow down the ice growth near the bubble column. Where methane is not released, the volume and quantity of the bubble column change. The impact of methane release on temperature is already obvious, and the highest temperature ever in the Arctic is extremely rare. Today, it once reached 38 degrees centigrade, breaking the limit of the Arctic. The temperature in the Arctic is low all the year round. Generally, the temperature is about 0 degrees centigrade, and there are a lot of glaciers.

In addition, there are also some living creatures. The rise of temperature leads to the melting of many glaciers, and countless permafrost layers also have traces of melting. Many creatures are homeless or even going extinct. All these phenomena can be seen in our eyes. This rare temperature condition is not normal. Scientists are eager to alleviate this phenomenon. Otherwise, the earth will become beyond recognition in the future. If the trend of climate change continues, it is possible that the earth will become a naked fireball in the future, and everyone will live in the hot and high temperature.

To worry about the safety of one’s life is reminiscent of what Hawking said in his lifetime. Hawking told people to take a long-term view and try to find a second earth. At first, many people didn’t care about what he said. Now, scientists are gradually aware of the importance of what Hawking said. What do you think of the earth’s high temperature climate today? You can leave a message for interaction.

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