The auction of “high priced bananas” attracted 850000 people, but they were swallowed by greedy men. What happened later

The auction of 850000 “high priced bananas” was very exciting, but it was devoured by greedy people. What happened then?

Fruit is the most common food around you, which has great nutritional value to human beings. Because of the rich materials, the price is very expensive. However, if one method is used, the price may be greatly increased.

It’s not like oil painting or art. Do you remember the auction of 850000 bananas? Being eaten by men casually, the result is like this. Maybe you don’t believe banana has such a high price, but it does. This is the art everyone is pursuing.

At an art exhibition in Basel, Miami Beach, the banana was given life, and there was a comedian. When everyone is confused, the author sticks the banana to the wall with adhesive tape.

This is a puzzling action that many people can’t understand, but everyone comes for the sake of art and doesn’t dare to express their doubts, so they praise art one by one. In the end, everyone competed wildly, and bananas were worth 120000 dollars.

If converted into RMB, it will be about 850000, which makes countless people feel excited and curious. However, a man came out immediately, picked up the banana and ate it.

It’s unbelievable to many people, but this person doesn’t care at all. He took one bite after another and attracted the security guard. However, the man said easily, “it’s the performance art of a hungry artist.”.

This immediately silenced everyone. In the end, he could only be eaten by that person. Security’s remedy is to bring back a banana and stick it on again, which will not affect the final auction.

Speaking of art, what is art? Is random painting worth fighting for? Maybe what you don’t understand is called art. What do you think of it? Welcome to comment in the message area below.

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