The beautiful meteor you once made a wish on may be the stool of “Xiaofeiren”, do you know?

“Make a wish to meteor, let you know I love you.”

There are many stars in the clear night sky. Suddenly, a meteor flashed past. Maybe people will close their eyes and make a wish when they see this scene. This is a poetic scene, and if you understand the life of astronauts working in space, you will understand that the beautiful meteor you see may not be a real star falling, but may be Astronaut Baba.

It starts with the way astronauts go to the toilet in space. Because of the zero gravity in space, it is impossible to flush the toilet on the ground, and the water in space is very precious, so it is impossible to flush the toilet with water. Astronauts in space use a funnel-shaped pipe with a fan and connected to the urine collection system. Urine is sucked into the pipe, and all urine is stored together. These urine are recycled to the waste water pool, and then purified and turned into astronauts’ drinking water again. The water in space is recycled in this way.

It is more difficult to defecate. The place where astronauts defecate is a disc with a hole of 10cm in diameter. There is a can under the plate, which is the toilet of astronauts. The can is actually a vacuum cleaner. It uses air pressure to suck away the stool, collect it and seal it into a plastic bag, and then temporarily store it in a waste can. When the astronauts defecate, they should be very precise in the hole of about 10 cm. Otherwise, the defecation is likely to float in the air and spread everywhere. The astronauts should be busy grasping the “flying” feces.

Therefore, it is also an important training project for astronauts to go to the toilet. During the training, there are cameras to facilitate the astronauts to self check. The waste tank contains the astronauts’ feces and domestic garbage. When the waste tank is nearly full, the astronauts will clean up the waste tank, pack all the feces and empty them, and finally throw them out of the spacecraft together with other garbage in the waste tank. And these packaged feces and garbage will be thrown out because of the friction with the atmosphere and generate huge heat, causing combustion. At this time, the feces and garbage look like a meteor.

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