The “betrothal gift culture” which has been passed on for thousands of years is harmful to both of them. Should this custom be preserved?

In ancient times, marriage was ordered by parents. According to matchmakers, it was up to parents to get married, and children had no right to decide. However, in modern times, free love can’t escape the word “betrothal gifts”

Xiao Bian overheard a sad story yesterday. A 26-year-old girl, in her budding age, should have been happy, but she did something unexpected. The 26 year old Xiao Lin (pseudonym) family and her boyfriend’s family had a formal meeting with their in laws. Both of them were very satisfied with this happy event. However, Xiao Lin’s parents wanted 180000 yuan as a gift money, but Xiao Lin’s boyfriend’s family could only give up Take out 100000 yuan for the bride price. Kobayashi’s parents didn’t agree, so they tried every means to stop him. In all kinds of desperation, his boyfriend had to retire. Emotional Xiaolin felt that her mother wanted too many betrothal gifts, which led to her boyfriend’s divorce, so she decided to commit suicide by jumping off a building. There are no parents in the world who don’t care for their daughter. In order to save her daughter, Xiaolin’s mother accidentally falls down with Xiaolin, and eventually they die because of ineffective rescue!

Two human lives have passed away so vividly. Is there only regret left for us? Don’t you feel sad? Xiao Lin’s parents want more betrothal gifts to make their daughter feel better when she comes to her mother-in-law’s house. Xiao Lin wants less betrothal gifts to make her husband and wife feel better later. For the same purpose, standing in two angles, it leads to an irreparable tragedy.

In fact, betrothal gift is a traditional custom. In the past, it was the hard money given by the man to his parents and the expression of respect for this woman. In the past, the woman’s parents provided for her daughter’s twenty majority. It was very hard, and she paid a lot of sweat and hard work. Now her daughter is going to become a member of other people’s family, some of them are reluctant to give up and are attached to her. As a man, in order to compensate her parents for their hard work, it is also a comfort and relief for her parents to give some betrothal gifts to her parents to support them. But the modern people discard the essence, pick up the dross, pay attention to the material and give up the spirit. Many families have to choose to give up love because of betrothal gifts, and give up life like Kobayashi!

Xiao Bian is not qualified to comment on who is right and who is wrong. May Xiao Lin and her mother have no dispute in another world. But Xiaobian wants to talk about Xiaobian’s own feelings. I think that no parents in the world are cheating on their children. The mother’s rescue of Xiaolin just shows that her mother loves her more than herself. Because she quits her marriage, she gives up the life given by her parents. Because her parents want more betrothal gifts, they hate their parents. But have you ever thought about what are their parents for? For yourself? It’s not for you to get married and have a good life. Is it worth it? Is it worth it?

Xiaobian once heard that if there is no betrothal gifts for marriage, then the woman will not get attention when she comes to her mother-in-law’s house. People will think you’re sticking it upside down, and Xiaobian doesn’t know whether it’s right or not. But for Xiaobian who has never been married, I really can’t understand the problem of betrothal gifts, but Xiaobian knows that my parents won’t pit me!

At this moment, Xiaobian wants to ask silently, are you all right with those girls who have no betrothal gifts?

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