The big deal is not good! An asteroid in the solar system doesn’t want to be a little brother, ready to escape from the solar system

In the solar system, the sun is worthy of being the eldest brother. All the little brothers of the planets have to revolve around it. The planet earth can’t have any different ideas. They can only obey the eldest brother of the sun. Under the care of the eldest brother of the sun, the life of the earth lives in peace and contentment.

The members of the solar system family are still relatively large. In addition to the eight planets, there are many other small planets. After a long time, naturally, some younger brothers feel that their wings are hard and they want to fly alone. They don’t want to be younger brothers for the sun. Naturally, it’s more comfortable to fly alone. The universe is so big that I can go wherever I want. It’s so natural. But this time, the asteroid is not an old resident of the solar system, just an alien. After the asteroid named omomo entered the solar system, it was very obedient at the beginning. Everything obeyed the instructions of the sun boss and ran in the orbit set by the sun boss. But recently, this little brother began to be dishonest and was planning to escape from the solar system.

Scientists are still speculating about the identity of Omo? What’s the purpose of coming to the solar system? As a result, before we can figure out, the asteroid is ready to be a traitor and leave.

According to the orbit calculated by NASA researchers, Omo is a hyperbolic orbit, which is very different from other asteroids. In other words, the sun’s gravity has no effect on it. Once Omo turns around, it will fly farther and farther away, until it leaves the solar system and wanders freely in the interstellar space!

Omomo was originally born in the Oort nebula at the edge of the solar system. It is a globular cloud composed of residual material from the formation of the solar system 400 billion kilometers away. The size is about 25-50 kilometers. The asteroid will pass the sun for the last time in September 2019, and then it will never return.

Why does a good solar system have such a large and peaceful family and have to wander in the universe? It turns out that the culprit of all this is Jupiter! We know that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system except the sun. The mass of the other seven little brothers is only a quarter of that of Jupiter. The gravity is strong enough to compete with the sun.

If Omo is not affected by Jupiter, it will turn back after it reaches the maximum distance of 1 trillion kilometers from the sun, and so on. But Jupiter, a big man, didn’t like it. He gave it a little push, which made the U7 speed slightly change and drove it out of the solar system.

It seems that there are no two tigers in one mountain. The solar system is out of Jupiter’s lawless master, and it’s impossible to drive it away. Other asteroids not only depend on the face of the sun’s boss, but also on the face of the Jupiter’s second. The seven planets, including the earth, are also the strong ones in the solar system. Naturally, they are not afraid of Jupiter, but other asteroids with very small mass are not enough.

So far, NASA scientists have found only three asteroids with hyperbolic orbits in the solar system. In addition to the “alien” of omomo, there are also asteroids A / 2017 U7 and a / 2018 in the solar system C2, I hope these two little brothers will not escape from the solar system in the future. It’s so warm to live in the solar system. It’s a black and dark place in the universe. It’s very dangerous to be a wandering planet.

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