The big hidden trouble under the buttocks is as angry as a bomb, but it is used in the office

I believe Xiaobian has the following things in every family. We use them every day, not only for us, but also for our children and the elderly. But who would have thought that we would put our relatives in danger ourselves! It is a kind of “lift chair” of the chair. It is like a random bomb at home. I don’t know when it will explode suddenly!

All the time, the frequent explosion of the lift has caused many family tragedies. Xiaobian has heard more than a dozen of them. Xiaobian has picked out a few to show you.

1. In 2007, a chair of a woman in Zhejiang Province suddenly exploded. The chair was blown through, and a large number of sawdust, rubber and plastic residue were inserted into the chair pole. Although the chair was rescued, it left scars that could not be wiped away in a lifetime.

2. In 2008, a computer chair in a man’s home in Jiangxi Province exploded suddenly, injuring his back and hands. A small iron bar about 15 cm long flew to the ceiling.

3. In 2009, a 14-year-old boy in Shandong Province was surfing the Internet at home alone. When he was adjusting the air pressure chair, an explosion suddenly occurred. The ejector rod pushed into the body of Xiaogang from his hip, injuring many blood vessels. Later, he died due to excessive blood loss and ineffective rescue. These are just the tip of the iceberg. How many families are fragmented because of such a chair! What’s more, it will burn after the explosion!

Xiao Bian also asked his friends around about this. He found that every family has at least one lift chair. What’s more, friends who like mahjong specially bought four lift chairs for comfort. Do you know the explosion probability of such a popular thing?

One percent means that one of the 100 chairs will appear. China has a large population. Think about how many tragic events will happen! At the thought of this, Xiaobian felt obliged to popularize the notice of choosing lift chair here, hoping to help you

1. When we want to buy the lift chair, we must choose the regular products with production license and production date. Don’t choose the “three no” products for low price.

2. Regular manufacturers of chairs, will be issued with an inspection report to prove that the safety performance of the chair to meet the standard, can be circulated to the market.

3. Adjust the chair to see if it’s smooth. If it’s stuck or makes a strange noise, don’t buy it!

After reading Xiaobian’s share, we should remember it carefully. After all, we don’t want our relatives and friends to be hurt, even if it is a potential threat. So Xiaobian thought about it and quietly piled my computer chair in the warehouse! Don’t know if you have this kind of chair at home? What are you going to do with it?

This article is the original work of Meng Kaixin, the author of Jiujian

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