The birth process of planetary baby was recorded for the first time, and “space B ultrasound” was wildly circulated

In July of this year


In the middle,


The writer has published a picture, which is taken with the strongest telescope on the earth, and can well illustrate a certain process


So this process is the process of planet formation, and this is a process of planet formation


It’s a planet called pdf70, which is far away from the earth


It’s about 370 light-years away, and it’s a gas planet, five times the mass of Jupiter.

The new planet revolves around its star PDS 70.

The above image is taken by the telescope of the European Southern Observatory, and it is also the space B-ultrasound wildly circulated by everyone and NASA.

In 2003, according to NASA’s feedback, they put some edible salt in the sealed bag. After all, it was just a few years after the space station was in operation. Astronauts always liked to observe how gravity and matter would change. At this time, an astronaut threw the sealing belt for a long time and then stopped. As a result, it found that the salt was floating in the air like an artificial snowflake These particles began to collide and stick together again. At the end of the day, they had already formed large pieces. So no matter how the astronaut swung these bags, these salt particles would not decompose. Therefore, the astronauts actually came to the initial general rules of planet formation.


In fact, the planets in the solar system are basically like this: in the gradual formation of gas and Nebula, the tiny particles that exist here collide with each other and gradually form clusters. With the increase of gas gravity, they will be gathered here, so as time goes by, large stars will gradually emerge.

And astronomers are trying to understand this process in July. As expected, they observed a yellow orange spot, which is actually a planet, that is, the nearest growing planet.

And by looking at this planetary system, of course, there are other young members – after all, astronomers can observe the ancient history of the solar system, and in this planet, they will often devour the nearby gas. If the formation of PSD 70 and Jupiter is far away from their respective constancy, then the materials used for their formation are those left after the stars devour the extra gas In the end, they will look like Mars and earth.

A young planet still in labor.

In this family photo of birth astronomy, this star and


The persistence of


It’s very close, but its orbit is very far away,


The period of a star’s orbit is as long as 120 years


If the temperature is converted to centigrade, it will be about 1000 degrees. I have to say that this is a problem

Hot planet

And all astronomers have the same idea that the star is still growing.

In fact, scientists have witnessed a process of the formation of the universe, which is also the fundamental rule of the formation of the universe. You don’t need to go to space by yourself, just like NASA astronauts holding a bag of salt. For example, you just need to poke your head under your sofa to look for clumps of dust, and then the dust will rotate like your home in the universe If you are interested again, you can use some instruments to gather these dust masses together, and they became the experimental salt in the hands of the astronauts at that time.

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