The “Blood Moon” over the United States is still controversial. Is it an “ominous omen”?

Since 2020, natural disasters have occurred in many countries to varying degrees. The fire in the United States is still burning. It can be said that its form is not optimistic. I didn’t expect that the fire had not been put out, and another strange phenomenon appeared over the United States, causing a lot of people to panic. What happened?

Blood moon over the United States

It turned out that on October 5, a blood red moon suddenly appeared in the sky of California. At that time, many people witnessed this phenomenon. They published their videos and photos on the Internet, causing a lot of hot discussion. In the past when science and technology were not developed, people would associate the astronomical phenomena with the fate of human beings and the rise and fall of a country. The ancients believed that the appearance of blood moon in the sky was an ominous omen. Through the photos, we can see that a blood red moon appeared in the dark sky, which was extremely dazzling and creepy in the dark night. This phenomenon has also been hotly discussed on the Internet. Some people think that this is because the situation this year is too pessimistic. The rampant epidemic and a large number of geological disasters have taken many lives. The color of the moon is their blood red.

Some rational netizens think that the blood red moon is actually a rare normal phenomenon, which can be explained by science. Because a lot of light is absorbed by the atmosphere, only red light stays on the moon, so this color appears. Many people think that this is reasonable. At the same time, scientists have put forward a surprising view that the reason why the moon turns red is actually caused by the fire in California.

The reason of blood month

The fire has been burning for several months, and there is no sign of extinguishing it. The sky of many cities has been dyed orange red, and local residents have been forced to migrate. Scientists believe that it is the wildly spreading mountain fire that causes a lot of dust floating in the atmosphere, which makes it impossible for some cold light to pass through. Only the red light passes through the atmosphere and shines on the earth This phenomenon is formed on the moon.

In fact, this is not the first time in the United States that there has been a bloody moon. Last month, someone in Oregon witnessed the bloody moon. It was because the spreading mountain fire released a lot of dust that the color of the moon also changed. This shows how serious the situation of this fire is.

The fire situation in the United States

It is worth noting that according to the latest data of American meteorologists, the strong wind in the United States is slowing down, and there will be rain in the future. It is believed that it will play a certain role in extinguishing this raging life, which is a kind of comfort for the American people today. What do you think?

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