The blue UFO crash in Brazil, the huge void in the air, is it the entrance to the parallel world?

UFOs appear too frequently this year. In May this year, a blue UFO appeared over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At that time, many netizens photographed it with their mobile phones. The circular flying object with blue light is extremely dazzling in the dark night sky. The UFO eventually crashed near a suburb, where witnesses claimed the military had cordoned off the scene. While netizens were waiting for the official conclusion, a large number of photos and videos circulated on the website were deleted.

If you look closely, you will find that Brazil is also one of the countries with the most frequent occurrence of UFOs in the world. It is worth noting that Brazil is also the only country that recognizes the UFO phenomenon. As early as 1954, Brazil conducted an investigation on UFOs. At that time, Brazil thought that UFOs might not really be made by human beings.

In 2005, UFO experts visited Brazil’s air control center. The air control center has detected UFOs many times. During the visit, the scientists stayed for two hours, and the Brazilian air force also provided some confidential information.

Maya civilization and aliens

The Maya civilization is a mysterious civilization in human history. They have profound attainments in astronomy and mathematics. In the eyes of the Maya, aliens are actually gods who come to the earth. In their culture, they use the cross to represent a constellation. When scientists connect the lines in these constellations, they find that they are shaped like a swan, also known as Cygnus. It was not until scientists used modern astronomical telescopes that they found that a star in the constellation Cygnus had abnormal light changes. So some people think that maybe there are alien civilizations there.

The void over Brazil

The frequency of UFOs in Brazil is too high. Many people have such questions. Why do UFOs often appear over Brazil? Is there really a Stargate in Brazil? Scientists have also done research, they found a huge hole in the sky over Brazil, the naked eye is not visible. This hole appears in the radiation belt thousands of kilometers away from the earth, so some people think that this hole is likely to be the entrance of the parallel world, and maybe the alien civilization entered the earth through this hole.

Some people think that many UFOs are actually human aircraft. After all, these videos and photos are too blurred. As long as there are UFOs, we can’t see their details. How can we explain this? Although Brazil has been studying UFOs, the government has not made a formal statement on these events. I don’t know what people think of them?

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