The bodies of astronauts who can’t be brought back to earth, or will new life be born in space?

According to the data, since the beginning of the space industry, 22 astronauts have given their precious lives to the scientific research of mankind. The two most serious accidents occurred in January 1986 and February 2003, resulting in the death of 14 astronauts. It can be said that although the career of astronaut looks very tall, it actually has responsibilities and pressures that ordinary people can’t bear. It’s not too much to say that astronaut is a high-risk career.

There is a science fiction film called gravity, which tells the story of two male astronauts and a female astronaut on the “Explorer” space shuttle going out of the cabin to repair the Hubble telescope. Russia launches a missile to destroy one of its abandoned spy satellites, and the debris produced by the explosion destroys a large number of spacecraft and rushes to the “Explorer” to join the Hubble telescope Crash. Except for the two people leaving the capsule, all the other astronauts were killed.

You know, if an astronaut dies in space, he’ll never get back to earth. Does anyone wonder if the remains of astronauts will rot in space? If one day the remains fall on other planets, will new life evolve?

In fact, with the current level of human science and technology, if the death of astronauts happened on the moon or space station, there is no problem to take their bodies back. However, if the body is killed in space, it is difficult to find it and bring it back to earth due to its high-speed flight. In the future, if human beings successfully fly out of the solar system or a planet, it will take at least one year to go back and forth during this period, so it is basically impossible to find and bring the remains of astronauts back to earth.

However, the dead bodies of astronauts in space did not decay because there were no conditions for decay, no oxygen, no suitable temperature and so on. As a result, the bodies will always float in space. At the same time, as they are still wearing space suits, they will also be protected from cosmic radiation and other injuries.

However, the bodies of those who died in space did not land on other planets, or rather, it was difficult for those who died in space to leave the earth. The bodies of people who died on other planets are either abandoned or taken away by asteroids, comets, meteorites and other asteroids passing through the earth. Otherwise, they can never break away from the earth’s gravity and can only float silently around the earth all the way.

If the astronaut’s body is taken away by asteroids, meteorites, etc., will life be born in space? In theory, if the body eventually landed on a planet that is very similar to the situation on earth, it is entirely possible. In short, the corpse is full of organic matter, which is the key to the birth of life. However, if you want to land on a desolate planet, life is very difficult to appear. But there is also a problem, that is, the bodies of astronauts landed on a livable planet. For this planet, it may not mean the beginning of life, but the end of life.

Since life already exists on this planet, and the form and composition of life are different from those on earth, if the corpse falls on the ground and produces new life, it will damage the original ecosystem, which is the result of alien species invasion. If there was a thick atmosphere on earth, this would not happen, because the bodies of astronauts would burn quickly after entering the atmosphere, and there was no chance to reach the ground at all.

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