The bottleneck of science may come, two unsolved world problems, perplexing scientists for hundreds of years!

The bottleneck of science may come, two unsolved world problems, perplexing scientists for hundreds of years!

In the hot summer, with cool air conditioning, playing with mobile phones and eating snacks, this comfortable life benefits from a big decision made by human beings 200 years ago. Thanks to the choice of the road of scientific and technological development, otherwise the living standard of human beings will not be improved qualitatively. The power of science and technology is extremely powerful. Although it has become the cornerstone of the history of human civilization, it is not omnipotent. When human beings explore the world, they find many phenomena that can not be explained by science, and even experts are puzzled.

Although human beings can find phenomena, they can’t find out the main causes of these phenomena. They can only find new clues and try to find more. In fact, there are two unsolved mysteries in the scientific community, which have puzzled scientists all the year round. Although they are frequently raised and discussed, they still can not find the answer. What are the two major problems? The bottleneck of science may come, two unsolved world problems, perplexing scientists for hundreds of years!

Two unsolved mysteries perplexing scientists

First of all, the first is aliens. Human beings have tried to find evidence of alien activities in the universe, and made countless efforts. Influenced by many science fiction movies, in human eyes, the appearance of aliens may be consistent with that of human beings, belonging to humanoid creatures. Due to the high similarity, there may be some specific connection between the two. Scientists have made three predictions, maybe human beings are a branch of aliens, or maybe they are human beings They are a branch of human beings. The last possibility is that they belong to the same branch of biology. If these three hypotheses can be established, a deeper theory will be deduced.

The second problem is the mystery of the origin of the universe, which has not been explained so far. Some people think that the universe was born in the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. With the passage of time, it expanded infinitely, and then there were countless celestial bodies. In essence, human beings did not even know the time and space, let alone the vaster universe. We do not know the space scale of the universe, and it is not clear It’s like a boundless desert. We can’t get to the end of it. We don’t know how big it is. Just as human beings are now speeding faster than light, they may not be able to encircle the whole universe. It almost reaches the extreme.

The size of the universe is beyond the limits of human imagination. Under the double constraints, the mystery of the origin of the universe and the size of the universe have become the eternal problems in the scientific community, and the answer can never be found, because it has broken through the cognition of human thinking, and the hidden answer will always remain in the long river of history Class will come up with solutions every time they encounter difficulties. Some problems can be solved fundamentally, but some problems can never find a reasonable solution.

In the long evolution, human beings have implanted their thinking into the bone marrow and continuously explored the unknown areas. Even if they can’t find the answer, the process is always beautiful. If the level of human science and technology can reach a higher level, perhaps these mysteries in the universe can be solved one by one. What do you think are the unsolved mysteries in the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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