The boy who claims to be from Mars predicted that there would be disaster on the earth in 2020. Expert: it’s not a coincidence

The gifted youngster claimed to be from Mars and predicted a disaster on earth in 2020. Expert: it’s not a coincidence!

Boris kyprianovic is a gifted teenager who owes his intelligence to his past life on Mars, the Sun reported. Boriska’s mother is a doctor. She claimed that Boriska was a smart child and that he could draw, read and write earlier than other children within two weeks of birth.

When poliska was 11 years old, he claimed that Mars was almost destroyed by a war, but a civilization still exists on the red planet. No one has ever taught him, poliska’s mother said: sometimes he meditates and starts telling us detailed facts about planetary systems and other civilizations, which really puzzles me.

Later, Boriska revealed that when he was last born on Mars, a nuclear war destroyed the whole planet. He even made it clear that he was here to prevent such events from happening on earth. Boriska said Mars was a brilliant civilization before everything was reversed after the thermonuclear war.

According to him, the survivors of this terrible war still live in underground bunkers on Mars. The so-called reborn Martian Boriska clearly shows that people on this red planet can grow up to seven feet tall and breathe carbon dioxide. He believes that Martians used to visit earth a lot, during which time they breathed through pipes in their mouths.

So people call him the Martian boy, and since then, he’s become a paragon of pseudoscience. They believe in “Indigo Children” and are said to have supernatural talents. He once predicted that a catastrophe will happen in a certain plate of the earth in 2020, and another greater catastrophe will happen in 2050. We don’t know the details yet.

In the video recorded in 2007, poliska once again predicted in time that 2012 would be the year of disaster. His whereabouts have not been confirmed since the 2007 video. Since then, he has become a paragon of pseudoscience.

The editor thinks that the child really has something different from ordinary people. He loves astronomy, he loves thinking, and he has his own point of view. Maybe children like to be free.

We should have a correct attitude and listen to their opinions. We should be good at developing their imagination so that they can be creative in the future. This time, let’s wait and see what he predicts.

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