The boy who said he was from Mars and passed the lie detector test, where is he now?

I wonder if you have any impression of the Martian boy mentioned by Xiaobian a few days ago? He predicts that something big will happen in 2020.

What’s going on? Where is the boy who claimed to be from Mars and passed the lie detector test now?

“Mars boy” refers to a little boy from Russia. At first, everyone thought the boy was full of imagination. Later, all kinds of things happened, which made people have to doubt his identity.

When the Martian boy was only 2 years old, he told people around him a lot about Mars, some of which had been confirmed by scientists, some of which had not been found.

His parents feel more and more terrible because they think. His children insist that they are from Mars and know a lot about it.

According to information, Mars boy poliscka predicted that there will be a large-scale natural disaster on earth in 2020, and human beings may not be able to survive. Because it’s 2020, everyone is going to shudder.

This statement immediately attracted the attention of many scientists, and the media rushed to interview the boy from Mars. Poliska also talked about his views on the end of the world in 2012, saying: in 2016-2012, mankind will face disasters such as war. Only when we all advocate peace can we pass safely.

He also made it clear that there will be epidemics, floods and other disasters between 2011 and 2012. He also passed the polygraph test, which is a bit puzzling.

How is the boy who claims to be from Mars now? Now, Mars boy is 24 years old and has grown up. In theory, polisska could continue to be known as “Mars boy” at this time. As an adult, however, poliska seems to have disappeared and never talked about Mars again.

His story is rarely reported in the media. Maybe he realized that his lies could no longer be made up, or he was planning something else, so he chose to keep silent because it was not convenient to expose them.

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