The brightness of the mysterious celestial body in the universe is 100 trillion times that of the sun, and it can blind people with eyes open

There are many mysterious celestial bodies in the universe, such as pulsars that can emit regular radio signals on their own. We need astronomical telescopes to observe these celestial bodies. But some luminescent objects are easier to observe, even with the naked eye. For example, like in the sun, it is the star of the solar system, has been shining, the earth’s creatures are inseparable from it.

The sun has brought warmth and vitality to the earth. It is precisely because of the sun that people can live healthily and happily on the earth. But the sun is not what you want to see. When the sun just rises or sets, you can look directly at it. But if you go to see it at noon, it’s easy to burn your eyes and even lead to blindness.

In fact, there are many stars like the sun in the universe, and many Galaxy centers have such a large mass constancy, so that the interstellar can operate stably. But you don’t know that there is a special celestial body in the universe, which can also emit light and heat, but the brightness it emits far exceeds that of the sun, which is 100 trillion times of the brightness of the sun. Scientists call it the brightest light in the universe.

We can’t use words to describe its light, you dare not open your eyes to see it, otherwise you will be blind. It is estimated that many people don’t know about this celestial body. It is a super bright galaxy thousands of light-years away from the earth. The dazzling brilliance of the sun is really insignificant in front of it.

We usually take the sun as a reference for light. There are five kinds of scientific circles. Among them, the brightness of more than 1 billion suns is considered as “super bright”; the brightness of more than 100 billion suns is considered as “extremely bright”, and this super bright galaxy is 100 trillion times brighter than the sun. I really don’t know what adjective is suitable to describe it.

It is estimated that the day will not be easy for the interstellar, other planets and celestial bodies where this star is located. Is it not a disaster for a close planet to have such a huge bright celestial body? Even if it is far away, life is not easy. If there is life in this galaxy, it is estimated that the planet of life is far away from the sun, otherwise life will not survive.

Because the sun is so far away from the earth, we can’t observe the situation of the galaxy where it is. Even with astronomical telescopes, we can only see the domineering sun, and it has taken away all the scenery of other planets. Fortunately, such a sun is not in the solar system, otherwise the solar system will suffer, and the earth’s water will be evaporated. At that time, human beings will have to migrate to the planets on the edge of the solar system to live, and the heat will be unbearable.

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