The camera photographed a mysterious insect with a speed of 15000 km / h and three pairs of wings, but the naked eye could not find it

When browsing the articles on the Internet, I found a very interesting phenomenon – there is an insect called Flying stick. It is said that it has two to three pairs of wings. How do the people who photograph it describe the object? First of all, the object has wings, sometimes three pairs, sometimes two pairs; second, the species of flying stick is said to be very alert, if someone is around, they will disappear immediately, leaving only the scene captured by the camera; finally, the description of flying stick, eyewitnesses are all sure – very fast.

But how did it come about? It turned out that when a company was shooting samples in the field in Beijing, it happened to record the whole process of the arrival and departure of the stick. From the director to the script, they can’t believe that they are looking at the camera in operation – there are several fluorescent green objects in front of the camera. They are shuttle shaped, with a little tail. Some are even crawling and flying. What’s more, some have three pairs of wings, and some have two pairs of wings. Some brave people tried to catch the sticks, but with a wave of their hand, the sticks disappeared from their eyes. The shooting team quickly put the camera in place, and looked at the contents inside. Sure enough, everything just happened was recorded.

It’s a good thing to have the evidence of the stick. The camera team takes the evidence to the Atlas Analysis Lab. of course, there are many famous biologists in it. In addition to doing scientific research in the laboratory, scholars will naturally be invited out of the mountain to investigate when such strange things happen. Scholars have carefully analyzed this clip and put forward the following questions: the stick may be a bug, but why is the track of the stick five kilometers in the 25 minute video? If converted to speed per hour, it means that the flying sticks will fly 15000 miles per hour, but looking at nature, so far, there is no such creature. So is the stick some new species?

All sorts of doubts make people at a loss, so more and more scholars begin to study this photographic evidence. Until one day, an expert’s assistant inadvertently solved the mystery. Experts and assistants were still studying the evidence. When the assistant saw the camera, he asked curiously about the configuration and parameters. Don’t ask don’t know, ask startle. This camera is so slow! If we use the latest camera, then this frequency can be close to the human eye, which is the object we really see.

That said so much, isn’t this stick an objective fact? So what is it? It turns out that these flying sticks are just ordinary little flying insects. How to explain that there are three pairs of wings and two pairs of wings? Back to the topic just now, due to the slow image acquisition, the insects were photographed continuously when they flapped their wings. It turns out that everything is so simple.

Later, scientists made experiments with some bugs and cameras, and determined that the stick was really a bug.

In fact, many unsolved mysteries seem to be marvelous, but it is often because people’s technology is not so developed. Now new cameras emerge in endlessly, which means that the optical illusion of cheating camera lens is less and less. After all, in recent years, there have been few reports about the flying stick. Perhaps with the further development of science and technology, mankind will solve more so-called unsolved mysteries.

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