The characteristics of extraterrestrial science and technology may prove that human beings are not the only ones in the universe, and intelligent civilization may exist universally

Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial life or civilization, but decades later, they still have nothing. Even so, scientists still believe that there are countless planets in the vast universe, and there are alien civilizations, which may be far more than we think. So why can’t we find alien civilization?

The reason why human beings have not found aliens may be related to our science and technology. Although human beings have made great progress in space exploration over the past few decades, they are still very primary in exploring the universe. Our exploration equipment or means are still relatively backward. Even if there is an alien civilization, we can not find it.

In the past few decades, scientists have discovered a large number of exoplanets in the universe, some of which are in the thick atmosphere, in the habitable zone, with the existence of liquid water. These life features tell us that there is a possibility of survival on these planets, even the existence of intelligent civilization.

Looking for the existence of alien civilization, it is important to find the characteristics of alien science and technology in the universe. The so-called characteristics of alien science and technology are actually man-made objects of alien civilization. For example, the discovery of a planet with a large area covered by solar panels to generate energy can be used as a kind of scientific and technological characteristics. When light is reflected from the planet’s surface, it will transmit all the information of silicon on the planet’s surface, making it an interesting example of the characteristics of alien technology.

When an extraterrestrial civilization develops an interstellar civilization, it is bound to leave a large number of man-made objects in space. If we have advanced detection equipment to detect these man-made objects, we may find the existence position of extraterrestrial civilization. Of course, it is very difficult to find these man-made figures because they release very low energy.

There are many strange celestial bodies in the universe, such as pulsars, which can rotate at a high speed and release regular radio signals. Scientists have no exact answer to whether pulsars are natural products. In recent years, many pulsars have been found in the universe. China’s celestial eye has found more than 60 pulsars since 2015. Is it possible that pulsars are man-made objects?

It has been suggested that pulsar may be a kind of signpost placed in the universe by advanced alien civilization, so it can send out regular radio signals. When a spaceship of alien civilization is sailing in the universe, it can judge the current position according to the signals sent out by pulsar, and what is pulsar? It’s not sure yet. Maybe in the future, human beings will solve its mystery.

There are still many asteroids in the universe, some of which are in a wandering state. Scientists also regard these special asteroids as important targets. Scientific and technological features are not necessarily objects that look very scientific and technological. It is also possible that alien civilizations will disguise spaceships as asteroids for interstellar navigation. Not long ago, an asteroid named Momo entered Taiyang After the solar system, scientists have doubts about it and sent out detectors to track and detect it. Unfortunately, this asteroid, Momo, came and went into the solar system in a hurry and drove out of the solar system without stopping. We also don’t have enough time to observe it closely.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, in the future, human beings will find the characteristics of alien science and technology in space, and also find many signals from alien civilization. We humans may not be the only intelligent life form in the universe, and the existence of alien intelligent civilization is not rare as we think, but also very common.

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