The Chinese dragon captured by US equipment, perched on the surface of Mars, is undoubtedly an “anti human” operation!

The Chinese dragon captured by US equipment, perched on the surface of Mars, is undoubtedly an “anti human” operation!

Since the emergence of high technology, human exploration of the earth is no longer enough to satisfy curiosity. There are tens of thousands of planets in the universe, which have become the focus of scientists’ exploration. With the change of the times, the number of the global population is increasing rapidly, and the demand for the earth is expanding. For the sake of the future of mankind, scientists are trying their best to find a suitable planet for migration, and focus on Mars, which is known as the most similar planet to the earth. Any strange phenomenon on Mars will attract the attention of the scientific community.

A Chinese dragon appears on Mars

This year, the United States used scientific equipment to photograph a vision, a Chinese dragon appeared on Mars, occupying the surface of Mars. Obviously, it is not a dragon in the true sense, but its form is almost the same as that of a dragon. This is a kind of anti-human operation, so what’s the matter with this dragon? At present, scientists are not sure whether there is life on Mars? The Chinese dragon captured by US equipment, perched on the surface of Mars, is undoubtedly an “anti human” operation!

If there is life, then this dragon may be carved by those lives. The dragon in the photo has head, feet and bright eyes. It can be described as lifelike, just like it was created by a famous painter. As for this strange phenomenon, experts have made in-depth analysis, and some experts have said frankly, so the appearance of this anomaly may be related to the deposits on Mars, and it will only appear under the influence of wind and water. If so, it means that there is a lot of liquid water and wind on Mars, and the possibility of life is still very large.

To get such an answer, thanks to the level of human science and technology, we can see such a wonderful scene. The uncanny workmanship of nature is amazing. Mars always brings surprises to human again and again. Only by developing the level of science and technology, can more possibilities be revealed. This entrenched Chinese dragon has aroused many people’s deep thinking. Who wrote it? It’s under investigation. It’s all the imagination of scientists.

What is this dragon?

It’s possible that there are more anomalies in another part of Mars. At present, what human beings should do is to improve the level of science and technology, and use the power of science and technology to conduct in-depth survey of these unknown planets, perhaps we can find more unexpected surprises. It is possible that dragon like creatures will appear on other planets. This discovery makes experts cheer. Mars is once again covered with mystery. This entrenched dragon has aroused many people’s doubts.

As for whether Mars is suitable for human migration or not, scientists can’t make a final decision. After all, the environment on Mars is quite different from that on earth. If human beings want to explore thoroughly, they must understand the internal environment and confirm whether there is life. If there is life, there will be more possibilities. Many people still firmly believe that as long as we work hard and have a goal, we will one day be able to find a habitat for human beings other than the earth, and Mars will be the focus of our research. What do you think of the dragon on Mars? You can leave a message for interaction.

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