The Chinese in Italy returned home dissatisfied with the epidemic prevention inspection and arrogantly asked: is this the treatment I get when I come back from Europe?

No matter how high or low people are, let alone people of different grades. However, some people, especially those who live abroad or drink foreign ink for several years, tend to feel superior.

As we all know, the new coronavirus is more serious abroad, especially in Italy, Iran and other countries. The number of confirmed cases is increasing significantly every day.

As far as we are concerned, many of the newly diagnosed cases of coronavirus pneumonia in recent days are imported from abroad, which should be paid attention to.

Therefore, strict prevention and control inspection must be carried out for some personnel who have recently returned home. However, an Italian Chinese who was not satisfied with the prevention and control tests said, “how can I get this kind of treatment from Europe?” Such comments immediately aroused the anger of netizens.

From the photo revealed that the woman is very arrogant, aggressive to find the epidemic prevention personnel “ask”. It turned out that the woman had just returned from Italy and was being examined by epidemic prevention personnel.

It’s important to know that many people have returned to China recently. Everyone who comes back must be subject to strict anti epidemic inspection. Because of the large number of people, everyone is arranged in a room, one by one to line up for inspection.

The waiting time will certainly be longer. However, the woman said the room was too shabby. When she came back from Europe, she had to undergo this kind of examination, as if she had been unfairly treated.

Besides, the woman was rude and sharp. She even took a video with her mobile phone and posted the “like this” treatment on the Internet.

I didn’t expect that netizens would unanimously denounce this lady’s behavior. Italy is now the area with the most serious epidemic. Now, anyone who comes back from abroad has to be examined.

Besides, she came back from Italy. Taking an exam is not only responsible for yourself, but also for your family, society and country. After the test, if you are not infected with the new coronavirus, you will naturally go home.

If you infect the country, you will get treatment. If you wait in line for the exam for a long time, you can’t stand it? Many netizens said: who does this woman despise? If you don’t want to be examined, go back to Italy!

In the past, we were also the worst affected area. Our medical staff, grassroots staff and the broad masses of the people are united. Now, it’s hard to eradicate the epidemic anywhere.

During this period, many people sacrificed their lives, and many worked day and night to return to the gradually improving situation.

We do not exclude those who come back from abroad, but please do not hide the facts and the truth, truthfully explain your situation, isolate and treat them, do not bring virus to the motherland, and do not be the villain who “you can’t build a country, you are the first person to poison thousands of miles”!

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