The Chinese sky eye is the most powerful radio telescope in the world. What are its discoveries?

With the beginning of the industrial revolution hundreds of years ago, mankind has formally stepped out of the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, human beings soon realized their dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. Due to the limitation of human science and technology and the vastness of the universe, it is impossible for us to go to other galaxies for close field observation, so the important role of astronomical telescopes is reflected.

It is the powerful astronomical telescope that enables human beings to go out of the solar system and observe the mysteries and scenes in the depths of the universe. For the vast universe, human beings are most interested in exploring and looking for the figure of alien civilization. But if we want to rely on ordinary telescopes to find extraterrestrial civilizations, we can’t do it at all. Even if there are extraterrestrial civilizations in the nearest star system, we can’t observe them at all. At most, we can only observe a living planet there.

When human beings have no ability to carry out interstellar navigation, they can not go to other galaxies to explore and find alien civilization. So before human beings have the ability to walk out of the solar system, are we bound to be unable to find the existence of alien civilization? Of course not. At this time, another powerful astronomical telescope appeared, which was radio telescope.

The radio telescope is different from the direct observation telescope. It is mainly used to receive and explore the radio signals in the universe. There are many wireless electromagnetic signals in the universe. Most of these signals are sent out by various celestial bodies, such as pulsars and neutron stars. In addition to the spontaneous signals of celestial bodies, there may also be signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

I believe friends all know that if a civilization enters the road of scientific and technological civilization to interstellar development, it is bound to be inseparable from powerful radio communication. And such alien civilizations may send their civilization’s Radio greetings to the depths of the universe, just as human beings have just stepped out of the earth and sent pulse radio signals to the universe, hoping to get the response of alien civilizations.

Although we can’t directly observe the possible alien civilization of exoplanets through the star searching telescope, we can receive their signals through the radio telescope. Once we receive such signals, there is no doubt about the existence of the alien civilization, and we can determine the location of the alien civilization or even decipher the foreign language through the signals To get in touch with them.

Radio telescope is so powerful, so who is the most powerful radio telescope in the world? I believe many friends have guessed that it is the Chinese eye. Located in Guizhou, China’s 500 meter spherical radio telescope (fast) is the world’s largest single aperture radio telescope, which took more than 20 years to complete.

Fast’s large size means it can detect extremely weak radio signals from all corners of the universe, including Pulsars (spinning dead stellar nuclei) and hydrogen from distant galaxies. Fast will also explore a cutting-edge area of Radio Astronomy – the use of radio waves to locate exoplanets that may have extraterrestrial life.

Many people may have said that China’s heavenly eye is so powerful, so what has been discovered since it was used? China Tianyan was completed and put into operation on September 25, 2016. The 500 meter diameter reflecting surface is composed of about 4400 independent aluminum plates. It uses more than 2000 mechanical winches for inclined assembly, so that each unit can focus on different sky regions. Although its scanning area is not as large as that of some sophisticated radio telescopes, and its resolution is not as good as that of the multi aperture telescope array, the sensitivity of fast is unique and the strongest in the world.

Although it is only three years since China Tianyan was completed and put into use in 2016, and these three years are only the commissioning period of Tianyan, and it has not been officially accepted, its achievements are huge. Pulsars have been discovered continuously since China’s Tianyan was put into use. So far, more than 100 pulsars have been discovered, most of which are new ones.

In August and September this year, fast detected hundreds of repeated bursts of 121102, the source of fast radio storms. Fast radio storms have always been a very mysterious strong electromagnetic signal in the universe, and some of them are very regular. For example, the rapid radio bursts detected by China’s sky eye in August and September are very regular, and many of them are very weak, which can not be captured by other telescopes. Only China’s sky eye can capture them.

China’s sky eye’s ultra sensitive detection of rapid radio storms this year has shocked the world and excited many scientists. No one knows where these mysterious eruptions come from, but the more pulses we detect, the closer we get to the answer.

Fast radio storm can be regarded as the most concerned mysterious signal of the universe by scientists. Through tracking and detecting a radio storm signal in recent decades, scientists found that this signal appears every few years, and every time it appears, the radio source is getting closer and closer to the earth. From the initial 10 billion light years, it gradually shrinks rapidly, according to the speed of this distance shortening Scientists were shocked to find that the speed of this rapid radio storm exceeded the speed of light. The natural signal of radio storm is the speed of light. If it exceeds the speed of light, it may not be the natural signal of radio storm. Therefore, some people doubt whether it is a spaceship with alien civilization approaching the earth?

The mission of China’s sky eye is to detect all kinds of radio pulse electromagnetic signals in the universe. For scientists, it is more expected that the sky eye will be able to discover the signals of alien civilization in the future. Many scientists also speculate that the discovery of the first alien civilization signal in the future may be attributed to China’s heavenly eye.

It is the only way for human beings to explore the deep space of the universe, and on this road, the Chinese never give up pursuing and making progress. After three years of debugging and testing, China’s Tianyan will be officially accepted by the state, and then open to global astronomers. The news is exciting for scientists all over the world.

I believe that many astronomical scientists in the world are looking forward to China’s sky eye and know its strength. Many scientists show that once China’s sky eye is opened to the world, they will actively apply for its use, explore the mysteries of the deep universe through it, and study the truth behind all kinds of mysterious signals in the universe. Maybe the discovery of alien civilization is not far away from us.

Of course, even if we find the signal of alien civilization through the Chinese celestial eye in the future, we can successfully decipher it and locate it, but it is very difficult for us to get there. The vast universe, light year is the basic distance unit, if the speed of the spacecraft can not achieve sub light speed, it is difficult for us to go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies. Only after the preliminary sub light speed flight, can humans go out of the solar system and explore the surrounding galaxies.

Of course, this is when the alien civilization is very close to us, and it can only arrive at the speed of sublight. But if the alien civilization signal received by the heavenly eye is more than 10000 light-years away from the earth, it can only be reached by flying faster than the speed of light. It can be seen that in the future, human beings will not be able to take the initiative to contact with alien civilizations for a long time. They will have to wait for alien civilizations to come to earth.

Of course, it’s hard to say whether the alien civilization is kind and peace loving. If human beings encounter malicious civilization, it may bring disaster to human beings. In this regard, Hawking has repeatedly warned that human beings should not take the initiative to contact with alien civilizations. Only when human beings are really strong enough to become an interstellar civilization is the time to contact with alien civilizations more safely.

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