The “cigar like” unidentified object reappears over the United States, which is similar to Omo, and cannot be recognized up to now!

In 2017, scientists discovered a mysterious alien whose shape is like a huge cigar. Now it is far away from us. However, many people think that this alien is an alien spaceship, which is omomo. Just a while ago, UFOs appeared in the sky of the United States. This time, the shape of UFOs is no different from that of omomo. Will this time be related to aliens?

In fact, this is not the first time that cigar shaped UFOs have appeared in the United States. In 2019 alone, cigar shaped UFOs went to eight states. In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, the probability of UFOs in the United States is too high. Is it true that, as some people say, aliens have reached a secret agreement with the United States? If there is no basis for this, we’d better listen to it as a joke. We’d better return to the UFO.

UFOs over the United States

This is a photo taken by a netizen named Anthony. We can see that a black cigar like unidentified object appears over the Pacific coast in the picture, which is motionless in the air. Because the distance is so far away, we can’t identify it through the blurred photos. The video shot by netizens lasts 40 seconds. There is nothing special in the video. Every time there is news about UFOs, many people will think of natural phenomena, man-made aircraft and aliens. It’s been a few days, and up to now, humans still can’t tell what the unknown object in the picture is.

What is a UFO?

Many conspiracy theorists believe that these cigar shaped UFOs are actually alien spaceships. Of course, some people speculate that this may be the secret weapon developed by the United States. Of course, we can’t know the answer. Compared with secret weapons, many people still believe that this is related to aliens. Over the years, human beings have been making efforts to find extraterrestrial life, but the fact is disappointing. Whether extraterrestrial life really exists or not is still a question mark.

In the eyes of scientists, if extraterrestrial life really exists, it may exist in life forms that human beings can’t imagine. The universe is vast and the forms of life are diversified. Maybe aliens can survive for a long time without oxygen and breathing on the earth where they live. Therefore, it seems that it is difficult to find them by means of human science and technology.

The process of searching for aliens is not achieved overnight, which is destined to be a long and bumpy road. Maybe only in the future can we really find the answer. At present, we are still in the stage of exploration. We can’t ignore all the possibilities. I don’t know what you think?

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