The “circular metal object” that sank into the sea floor, with a diameter of 60 meters, is still a mystery!

The “circular metal object” that sank into the sea floor, with a diameter of 60 meters, is still a mystery!

The ocean is a mysterious area, where there are many kinds of creatures, and even some of them have never been touched by human beings. In order to have a deeper understanding of these unknown creatures, human beings wantonly use marine equipment, trying to find the secrets of the ocean. As we all know, the environment of the ocean is very bad. Compared with that of the land, it’s just one place a day. Once there was no sunlight in the ocean, it was dark, but those creatures had already adapted to the ocean environment and trained their skills.

A round metal object was found in the Baltic Sea

In 2011, scientists found a very mysterious thing in the Baltic Sea, and there were some strange scenes around it. At that time, the eyes of the whole world were attracted by it. What is the identity? It’s still a puzzle. How mysterious is it? At that time, the exploration team was looking for a sunken ship. When they scanned the information with sonar, they found an unidentified object, which was huge and round. If there was no accident, its diameter was about 60 meters. The “circular metal object” that sank into the sea floor, with a diameter of 60 meters, is still a mystery!

In the vicinity of this circular object, sonar broke down and communication equipment was interrupted. In order to ensure safety, they quickly got away from this place, and soon began to work with sonar equipment. After the news came out at that time, it was highly controversial in the scientific community. People argued endlessly about the circular metal object. Some people thought it was USO, because it was seen many years ago. Most of USO appeared in a circular shape, and it would fail when people contacted it. This experience is highly similar, so people have to doubt it.

The true identity of this round metal object

However, some people express different views. They think it is a UFO. Most UFOs are oval in shape. It is possible that this round object is special and its shape will change, so the possibility of UFO is still great. Both USO and UFO are strongly supported by many people. There has been a lot of rumors about it all the time. As for why it sank to the bottom of the sea, it may have been hit or broken down during the flight.

When experts studied this mysterious object, they gave a shocking answer. It is not UFO or USO, but a common rock structure, which can be found almost everywhere. Because of the plate movement, it sank to the bottom of the sea. When people see those unidentified objects, they always associate them with UFOs. Some people have been sticking to their own ideas, thinking that it is not an ordinary rock structure, and there may be deeper secrets hidden inside, waiting for human beings to dig.

Since it is an ordinary rock structure, why does the sonar equipment suddenly fail when it is close to it? How can this be explained? It’s so weird that scientists can’t give its true identity. Science is rigorous, and scientists have not found any evidence of a real hammer, nor can they easily come to a conclusion about what this circular object is? It’s still under discussion. Do you think it’s really just a simple rock? You can leave a message for interaction.

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