The city ruins were found on Venus. It was founded ten thousand years ago. Venus may have been destroyed in Star Wars

For decades, man has explored many planets, such as the moon, such as Mars. The surface of these two celestial bodies looks very calm, but only after landing, can we find that there are so many mysterious faces in the solar system. Previously, NASA had claimed that huge material suspected to be the remains of a spacecraft had been found on the moon, and that a pyramid had been built on Mars. There have also been major discoveries on Venus recently.

As we all know, at the end of the 1960s, man landed on the moon successfully. However, in the following ten years, American scientists found that the moon was not as good as we thought, that is, its environment was not suitable for life at all. So scientists turned to Venus, the closest planet to the earth, and the Russians made more contributions to the exploration of Venus.

But the fact tells us that the environment on Venus will only be worse than that on the moon, because the Soviet Union has launched several Venus probes, and the failure rate is almost half. Most of the damaged detectors will be folded in the atmosphere of Venus, because the atmosphere of Venus is very dense, and its gas composition is very corrosive, so many detectors can’t withstand this environment. The scientists of the former Soviet Union adjusted according to the actual situation, and the probe finally landed on Venus successfully.

We can see that the surface of Venus is also very poor. However, scientists found a strange scene in several photos, that is, there are several buildings on the surface of Venus, and the buildings are surrounded by roads. The whole city looks like an abandoned city. Not only that, scientists have also seen the existence of suspicious military bases and palaces, and the style of these buildings is different from that of human beings, which has aroused heated public debate. Among them, there is a view that whether this is created by Venus life?

Scientists also want to know whether these marks on the surface of Venus are really architectural relics, so they have done a lot of research, and finally come to the conclusion that if the creatures on Venus do exist and have formed a civilization, their demise is likely due to the deterioration of Venus’ environment, or a fierce battle with alien creatures. Not only do scientists think so, but the public has made similar noises.

As we all know, how bad the environment on Venus is, the high temperature of 460 degrees Celsius, coupled with the perennial acid rain, and the rich carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, all these factors will make life on Venus impossible to survive. So even if there was civilization in Venus, it is likely that the natural environment of Venus will eventually deteriorate. There is also a theory that star wars have happened, which is not without the possibility, because high-tech weapons can cause permanent damage to the environment once and for all.

However, scientists point out that the possibility of Star Wars is very small, and the possibility of the first guess is even greater, because there is no sign of a war on other planets in the solar system.

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