The civilization of the universe is divided into seven levels. Human beings have only 0.7 level. When they reach the seventh level, can they create the universe freely?

Human beings are as small as the dust in the universe. 65 million years ago, when the earth was hit by an asteroid, dinosaurs became extinct. After the rise of mammals, human beings began to appear. So far, human civilization has developed for more than 6000 years.

The number of “more than 6000 years” sounds more or less very long. Up to now, human science and technology has been very powerful, but compared with the universe, it is insignificant.

Scientists have always believed that there must be some intelligent civilizations similar to or higher than human beings on other planets in the universe. What is the civilization of the universe like?

In the early 1960s, kaldaschov, a cosmologist of the former Soviet Union, assumed a three-level model of cosmic civilization according to the level and total amount of energy that civilization could master and use.

After a few years, other scientists have extended these three levels to seven levels, so there is a saying that the universe has seven levels of civilization. Let’s take a look at the seven civilizations in the universe?

First level cosmic Civilization:

The first-class cosmic civilization is also known as “planetary civilization”. This civilization has the ability to use all the resources on the planet, control natural phenomena such as climate at will, and destroy the surrounding planets.

In short, if human beings reach this level of civilization, they will have the “supreme” ability on earth, just like those who have super power.

Second level cosmic Civilization:

Secondary cosmic civilization is called “stellar civilization”, which has the ability to leave the planet where it lives freely and explore the energy of other planets. In short, if human beings enter the stage of secondary civilization, they will be able to freely shuttle through the entire solar system and develop the ability to transform the energy of various planets into their own.

Three levels of cosmic Civilization:

The three-level cosmic civilization is called “galactic civilization”, which can use the resources of the whole galaxy to connect the communication between galaxies, freely shuttle in the galaxy, and create stars.

Four levels of cosmic Civilization:

The fourth level cosmic civilization can cross and shuttle between galaxies. It can reach anywhere in the universe and is not bound by the galaxy.

Five levels of cosmic Civilization:

The fifth level cosmic civilization transcends the time dimension, can enter any dimension of the universe, and has the ability to make wormholes.

Six levels of cosmic Civilization:

The sixth level cosmic civilization can break through the confinement of the universe, freely shuttle between different parallel universes, and may be able to see countless selves in different parallel spaces.

Seven levels of cosmic Civilization:

The seven level cosmic civilization is the top civilization, also known as “the civilization of God”. He has mastered all the mysteries of the universe, is not subject to any constraints of the universe, can freely control the universe, and can freely create the universe, which is simply invincible.

After dividing the seven levels of civilization in the universe, we can quickly learn that the earth has not even reached the first level of civilization in the universe.

According to the calculation of scientists, the current level of human beings is only 0.7. It is impossible to reach level 1 civilization in 100 years, let alone level 7 civilization.

However, Xiaobian thinks that the classification of cosmic civilization is just different opinions. The so-called highest level of human civilization, I think, should be able to find out “who I am, where I come from, where I want to go”.

My friends, what do you think of this? Welcome to the comments section.

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