The classic of mountains and seas involves Africa and North America. How could ancient people walk 28000 Li with only their feet?

From the middle and late Warring States period to the middle and junior high school of Han Dynasty, there is an ancient book about strange things, which depicts many fantastic and magnificent scenery, animals and mountains, lakes and seas, but the author is unknown – according to the views of contemporary historians and archaeologists, this is a work jointly completed by many people. After reading this book, I found some interesting things, and then I will share them with you.

“The country of humerus” is a country recorded in the book of mountains and seas. In this country, there are a group of short people, who are called pygmies. After reading the coordinates in the book and corresponding to the world map, you will find that this is the area of Congo in Africa today. After consulting the data, you will find that the pygmy is one of many African special people, mainly living in equatorial province of Congo, and is a pocket nationality in Central Africa. If geographical proximity is a coincidence, then why is it the same in ethnic groups?

In addition, there are other famous passages in the book of mountains and seas: “the Yellow Emperor ordered Yinglong to attack Jizhou, and Yinglong to store water.” This is a place called Jizhou. According to historians, this may be the ancient name of Egypt, which is the territory of the African continent – because the territory of the Yellow Emperor is recorded in detail in the book. It is located in the Kunlun Mountains, 360000 miles away from Xianyang, which is very far away. Moreover, Kunlun Mountain is located in the center of “Lianhe ancient land”, next to “the Bank of quicksand, behind the red water and before the black water”. In other words, Kunlun Mountain in Shanhaijing is surrounded by desert, Red Sea in the north and Black Sea in the south. This place, the Kilimanjaro mountains in Africa, is located in Ethiopia, the upper reaches of the Nile. Knowing the territory of the Yellow Emperor, Chiyou’s territory must be in the lower reaches of the Nile. And the Yellow Emperor also “Yinglong impoundment”, which can attack the downstream. In this way, the war between Yellow Emperor and Chiyou is in line with the dividing line between Egypt and Ethiopia in Africa.

There are not only records of Africa, but also records of America in the book. There is a saying that the geographical records in dongshanjing are consistent with the real situation of North America. The American scholar Dr. Henriette Mertz studied it and began his field investigation according to the book. Her method is simple and rough, taking the Rockies as the starting point, and strictly controlling the walking method, direction and mileage in the book. After several failures, she succeeded.

She recorded the vertical and horizontal direction of the mountains, the source and direction of the rivers, and of course the approximate distance between the mountains. Later, it was proved that the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific coast of the coastal mountains in the central and western parts of the United States were completely consistent with the directions of the four mountain systems, rivers, animals and plants, and the distances between mountains recorded in the East Mountain classic.

These data are all inferences based on scientific knowledge and conclusions drawn after practice. This book, whose age is unknown and whose author is unknown, contains many real geographical records. The scope of description goes beyond China to Africa, America and other regions. In ancient times, what kind of people could travel around the world with their feet? The distance between North America and China is 14000 Li, and the round-trip distance is 28000 Li, which is a coincidence.

With the help of various means of transportation, it is very convenient for modern people to know the world, but the ancients did not know anything about the world. Perhaps in many unknown scientific fields, modern human beings’ understanding of the natural geographical pattern is far less than that of the ancients.

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