The coldest place in the world is colder than the South Arctic. The key is that 500 people live here!

The coldest place in the world is colder than the South Arctic. The key is that 500 people live here!

Human beings have been born on the earth for millions of years. The most frightening thing is death. Everyone from the moment of birth, there is a day to the end, no one can escape, some people in their limited life to create value, live a wonderful life, and some people are mediocre waste life, these are the results of personal choice.

In addition to death, human beings are also very afraid of cold and heat. Winter and summer are not pleasant seasons, and the weather changes are extreme. In summer, I want to stay in the air-conditioned room every day. When winter comes, it’s almost time to put on all the warm clothes. In people’s eyes, the coldest places on the earth are the South Pole and the north pole, which are the two extremes of the earth. They are covered with ice and snow for a long time and are not suitable for the survival of vegetation and organisms, so there is no one living here for a long time. The coldest place in the world is colder than the South Arctic. The key is that 500 people live here!

Annual temperature change in oimyakon

It is understood that the temperature in the north and south polar regions is about minus 20 degrees Celsius, which is unbearable for human beings. Maybe as soon as I got there, I was frozen into an ice sculpture. In fact, the coldest places in the world are not Antarctica or the Arctic. One area is colder than the South Arctic, that is oimyakon. So what kind of place is this? According to relevant data, the annual temperature of oimiyakon is maintained at minus 71.2 degrees Celsius, which means that every breath of a person will instantly condense into ice. It is said that the temperature here has been refreshed and there is no bottom line.

Scientists have a deep understanding of it and found that the reason why the temperature is so low is due to its latitude. It is always in a high latitude area. The time of being exposed to sunlight is limited every day. In addition, this is a closed area. Even if there is a cold current here, it will not dissipate in an instant. As time goes on, the temperature here will be lower and lower. Although the temperature here is extremely low, it is more lively than the north and south poles. Many people get married and have children here. Many people are puzzled, why can they bear such a low temperature, and how can they survive?

The advantages and disadvantages of oimyakon

Obviously, crops are difficult to raise, so the local people will mainly eat meat and fish. Because it’s not a good life here, most of them eat raw fish. The spines on the fish are very hard, so it’s hard to use them for firewood. According to statistics, there are about 500 people living here. Most of them build their houses in the air one meter above the ground. On the one hand, they can avoid cold, on the other hand, they can reduce the collapse of the ground. However, the treatment method is extremely complicated for every person who dies here. The frozen soil layer needs to be roasted by the fire for several hours before it can be melted, and then a pit is dug to bury the dead person directly.

In addition to the polar temperature, the living environment in this area is good, at least so many people live here. I believe many people can’t help their restlessness and want to explore. If they get to this place, they’d better prepare enough vegetables and food, so as to ensure that they won’t be hungry. What do you think of this region of the earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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