The “computer” of 2000 years ago sank to the bottom of the sea in Greece. Who made it?

With the continuous development of human civilization, there are many civilizations in history, which play a vital role in the development of human beings. When it comes to the birthplace of modern western civilization, many people think of ancient Greek civilization. At that time, the great philosophers Aristotle, Socrates and so on were born, so the ancient Greek civilization is still very sacred.

The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. We humans have evolved from apes to the ancient genius of upright walking. Four million years later, mankind has entered a civilization age of only 6000 or 7000 years. That is to say, although mankind is now the master of the earth, it is only a small part of the long history of the earth.

Little is known about the period of history before the emergence of human beings or entering the era of civilization. It is true that history or biology textbooks clearly pointed out that before the emergence of human beings, the earth belonged to the “wild age” of the reproduction of lower animal and plant species. However, with a large number of archaeological discoveries, many scholars have a new understanding of the ancient history of the earth.

Nowadays, human beings have created brilliant scientific and technological civilization. Whether human civilization can achieve such a leap forward development depends on the support of scientific and technological level. Although the ancient Greek civilization was very advanced, the people of that era did not create high-tech products, but the advanced level of the antikira machine discovered by scientists far exceeded the average level of that era.

For scientists, this machine contains more than 30 kinds of precise structures, and these structures are cleverly embedded with each other. Scientists believe that the historical origins of these cultural relics are more than 2000 years old. So, how did these cultural relics appear in front of human beings?

In 1900, a team of archaeologists from England dived into the sea floor off the coast of Greece and found the wreckage buried in the sea floor, and found a strange bronze in the wreckage. When it was salvaged, the archaeologists were completely dumbfounded. This is a very complicated copper machine with a very complicated gear transmission mechanism. Experts using the carbon element Co location method found that this bronze ware has a history of more than 2000 years. Due to the limitation of the scientific and technological level at that time, people were not clear about its specific function.

After the 1980s, American scientists simulated this situation and found that the bronze unearthed on the seabed of Greece was an ancient computer. It is composed of bronze gears and turntable, which can accurately measure the movement track of the sun and moon, as well as the time of solar and lunar eclipses. It can also calculate the movement track of mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. That is to say, this is a powerful astronomical computing instrument used by the ancients to explore space, which shocked the world.

So the problem arises. About 2000, Greece was in the period of the disappearance of classical culture, which was gradually surpassed by the Western Han Dynasty, which represented the eastern civilization at that time. At that time, the Greeks could not make such complex and advanced computers. Of course, the Han Dynasty or other countries in the world could not make this kind of bronze ware. So this bronze computer is still a mystery.

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