The creepy art of human bones: Bleached human bones carved into works of Art

This happened in the Czech city of kutnahera, where there is a human bone church called sedletz. In the early years, it was just an ordinary monastery, but since the 13th century when the abbot brought a handful of “holy soil” from Jerusalem, the cemetery of this monastery has become the most popular cemetery.

In the 14th century, a terrible pestilence raged in the area, resulting in the addition of nearly 30000 dead bodies to the sedleitz cemetery. Later, more than 10000 dead soldiers were buried here. In the 15th century, the monastery was transformed into a church. Many of the remains in the cemetery have been transferred to the basement of the church and are now on display. Even many of the skulls are stacked together in the shape of a pyramid and left unattended.

In 1870, the church hired a local carpenter, Francis rint, to bleach, polish and carve these breathtaking human bones into all kinds of beautiful works of art.

This project was funded by a noble family called Francis rint. In order to thank the noble, the church decorated the whole wall with the image of a family badge made of human bones.

Although it seems to be very artistic, Xiaobian still feels terrible. It’s really terrible to see these corpses that originally did not belong to one person being put together.

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