The cute “big headed bird” bows and presents its fur to people. You will never think of its combat effectiveness

The earth is a life planet rich in species. In addition to intelligent life, there are more than millions of creatures. These organisms can be divided into many families, among which birds are a relatively large population.

The survival ability of birds is stronger than that of land and sea creatures, because they have wings and can fly. When major disasters occur on land and sea, birds can fly to the air to escape or cross mountains and oceans to survive in other places.

65 million years ago, due to the impact of an asteroid, the earth caused ecological upheaval and ushered in the fifth mass extinction. At that time, the main species on the earth were dinosaurs, also known as the age of dinosaurs. The mass extinction ended most of the dinosaurs, and the ones that could survive were basically those pterosaurs that could fly.

The surviving pterosaurs evolved into later bird species. At present, there are about 156 families and more than 9000 species of birds in the world, which is a very large population. Among so many kinds of birds, some are very large and prosperous, while others are on the verge of death.

In the bird world, the larger the size, the less the number of birds, because the larger the size of birds do not have small birds who can fly flexibly, the survival ability will decline a lot. And those large birds, in the eyes of human beings, appear domineering, standing in front of us will make people feel afraid, but there is a very popular bird, but it does not make people feel afraid, on the contrary, it looks very cute.

This large bird is the cute looking whale headed stork, which is affectionately known as the big headed bird. The whale headed stork mainly lives in the huge swamps of the Republic of Sudan and Zambia in the tropical region of eastern Africa. It is a large bird very similar to the stork family.

The whale headed stork is one of the largest birds in the world, with an average height of 1.2 meters, and some of them can reach more than 1.5 meters, which is similar to the height of some girls. Although the body is tall, but the weight is not big, only about 4000-7000 grams, of course, such a weight in the bird family has been heavy.

Such a tall whale headed stork, when the wings spread out, naturally more spectacular, reaching more than 2.6 meters. Under normal circumstances, when we face such a huge bird, we will feel a kind of pressure. For example, a large eagle in Mongolia is also a large bird. Standing in front of human beings, this sculpture will make us feel oppressed and afraid.

However, the whale headed stork is welcomed by people. When we walk in front of people, we will not be afraid. On the contrary, we will feel very cute. Why? Although the whale headed stork has an oppressive body shape, it has lost its dignity in front of human beings because of its special appearance.

The name of the whale headed stork comes from its huge head, which also has a huge beak, that is, its mouth. The mouth is like the head of a whale, with eyes at the front of the head, on the same plane as the eyes of an owl.

The beak of the whale headed stork is broad and stout. It is the widest beak in the world, with a width of 12 cm and a hook shape at the bottom of the beak. It’s this strange head combination that makes the stork look cute and not dignified.

The whale headed Stork was originally unknown, but with the continuous development of tourism, it appeared in front of human beings. We just know that there are still such strange huge birds in the world. Now, big bird head has become one of the “Internet celebrities”. As long as you search, you can see the lovely expression bag about big bird.

Big headed birds can become a net red, loved by people, in addition to the huge special head features, they are also very friendly to humans. When tourists encounter them, they not only bow to passers-by, but also pluck their feathers and give them to tourists and passers-by.

You know, in nature, there are not many large and rare animals that can be friendly to human beings. As we all know, giant panda is also a kind of large animal, and it has excellent fighting power. Tigers and lions dare not easily provoke. However, the giant panda is very friendly to human beings. It has won the favor of human beings by selling cute, and has become a national treasure of our country.

The whale headed stork is also a very rare bird. At present, there are no more than 8000 birds in the world, and it has become an endangered animal. In the bird world, there are not many people who can be friendly to human beings, especially in the large birds, the only one who can interact with human beings in such a close and friendly way is the big headed bird.

Some people may have said that the whale headed stork is friendly to human beings, bows and gives feathers, and may also want to survive by selling cute to get food. If you think so, it’s a big mistake. Unlike the giant panda, the whale headed stork needs to be provided with food by human beings. They all prey on their own.

Don’t look at the big head bird in front of human beings is very friendly, it seems that there is no combat effectiveness, but in fact, this kind of large bird can survive in the environment of swamp area, it must have extraordinary significance. In fact, it is true that the combat effectiveness of the whale headed stork is very strong. In the swampy areas where they live, the only one that can threaten them to a certain extent is the large piranha.

The weapon of the whale headed stork is the powerful mouth on its head. It is very powerful and no fish can stand it. Even the scales on the crocodile’s back can be punctured. With this sharp tool, it has few natural enemies in the swamp area, basically like a overlord.

We all know that there is a kind of strong creature in the swamp area – crocodile. We all know that crocodile is extremely fierce, and it is also a kind of overlord. The fierce crocodile is the food of the whale headed stork, which shows how extraordinary the fighting power of the big headed bird is.

Under normal circumstances, such a strong rare natural enemy of birds, the number should not be too small. But in fact, the number of big headed birds is decreasing. If they are not well protected, they may become extinct in the future. The reason for this situation is mainly due to human activities. Human beings are the top overlord creatures on the earth. No matter how powerful natural animals are, they can’t escape the clutches of human beings.

In the past, due to the continuous destruction of human ecology in the swamp area, and the hunting of Bighead birds, the number of this kind of tall birds decreased sharply. Fortunately, human beings have realized the seriousness of the matter. At present, the whale headed stork has been listed as an endangered species in the world. Only by protecting their living place, can we continue to enjoy this kind of friendly and cute big headed bird in the future.

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