The cycle of mass extinction is 65 million years, so the next time it happens to be human!

Life on the earth has been living on the earth for 41 years. The most important reason why life can evolve and be born is that the ecosystem is relatively stable. Although today’s earth’s environment has become stable, there have been extinctions on the earth in billions of years. When we carefully observe, we can find that every 65 million years, nature will conduct a screening, which is also the reason for the extinction.

When it comes to 65 million years, the first thing people think of is the extinction of dinosaurs. A meteorite fell, bringing a fatal disaster, some people think it is just an accident, but in fact it is not. Even if this asteroid did not come to the earth, according to the law of time, the earth’s environment is deteriorating step by step, so the extinction of dinosaurs is only a matter of time.

The sixth extinction

Just like being able to perceive all things on the earth, the ecosystem will produce a big screening every once in a while. The backward creatures will be eliminated, and the most potential creatures will survive on the earth, thus evolving into civilization. If it’s not the first five extinctions, maybe human beings are still not born. According to this rule, the sixth extinction will come, and the final fate will come to human beings. This is not a good thing for us.

After entering the modern society, the development speed of human civilization is very amazing, which can be described as rapid changes. With the development of science and technology, the earth environment is also facing a serious test. Nowadays, there is no way to stop global warming. With the melting of glaciers, the frequency of forest fires is higher and higher, and extreme natural disasters often occur. All these continuous climate changes prove that the earth’s environment is approaching the critical point.

Many people have predicted the future of the earth. Hawking and Einstein predicted that there would be doomsday disaster in the future of the earth. If human beings really caused the sixth extinction, the probability that we want to survive is still very low. Maybe human beings will be eliminated. Looking at the five mass extinctions in history, it is actually the screening test of organisms.

Threats to humanity

In fact, there are many threats to the survival of human beings on earth. Planetary impact, invasion of alien civilization and outbreak of war may lead to the end of our civilization. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, artificial intelligence will also emerge in future life. If they are out of human control, they may drag us to the altar. Therefore, the deterioration of the earth’s ecological environment has become a fixed number. If we want to survive, we only rely on high technology.

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