The dark matter that scientists are trying to capture turns out to be like this, subverting previous cognition!

The dark matter that scientists are trying to capture turns out to be like this, subverting previous cognition!

The universe is so vast that you can’t see the edge at a glance. In fact, nearly 95% of the matter in the universe cannot be seen by human eyes. Maybe we are touching it, but we can’t feel it at all. Therefore, the most mainstream view in the scientific community is that 85% of the matter in the universe is made up of dark matter, which is hard to be seen by human eyes. It doesn’t interact with light in any way, so human beings can’t observe its existence.

What is dark matter? Although we know it exists, we have been searching for it for so long, but we have not caught it once. In the view of scientists, its existence may only be perceived when it has a gravitational effect on light or other matter. It is like a naughty child, playing hide and seek with us, depending on whether human beings have the ability to find it. The dark matter that scientists are trying to capture turns out to be like this, subverting previous cognition!

A way to find dark matter

With the development of science and technology, many research methods have been applied. Human beings simulate its appearance in a way that the blind touch the elephant, integrate a large number of data according to its characteristics, simulate and roughly draw its appearance. Its structure is quite special, the density of the center is great, and the edge is in a kind of loose state. Its volume may be unimaginable. Of course, this is only the guess of scientists. No one has really seen its true appearance. Since it is difficult for us to observe it with light, when dark matter collides with particles, gamma rays will be produced, because this view has theoretical support in the scientific community.

Once scientists made statistics on the number of gamma rays in the universe, and found that the excess was caused by dark matter, which directly affected the energy of gamma rays. In this way, the scientific community has objectively recognized that dark matter is real, and it is the most critical problem to capture it. Only by truly obtaining dark matter can we understand its hidden truth.

What is dark matter?

In recent years, human beings have been building high technology frequently, and entering space has also been interfered by many factors. However, human beings still have not given up the research on these problems. Although we have not seen this kind of magical material, we can at least be sure that it really exists in the universe. Scientists are also working hard to find it. Although this is a huge project, human beings have never thought of giving up. This kind of magical troublemaker may lurk around us. It may be a small dust, or it may be boundless. All these are possible.

Unlike other matter, dark matter is hard to grasp like wind. Its existence is hard to erase. Maybe when human science and technology are developed enough to challenge the limit of the universe and solve the ultimate mystery of the universe, dark matter will also appear on its own initiative. Now what human beings should do is to develop science and technology vigorously, and in the future, they will have to rely on its power to solve many problems, do you think How does dark matter exist in the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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