The “death icicle” on the bottom of the sea has been formed. BBC has photographed a 5-hour picture, which may freeze the fish in the past!

The “death icicle” on the bottom of the sea has been formed. BBC has photographed a 5-hour picture, which may freeze the fish in the past!

In the ocean, many strange creatures have been found, which are strange in appearance. This is due to the different living environment. In the deep sea, many fish have evolved more sensitive hearing or other sensing ability because they can’t contact with light for a long time and their eyes degenerate. There are also many strange undersea phenomena found, such as undersea volcanoes, which are difficult for most people to understand. Volcanoes are fire, and oceans are water. Water and fire are incompatible. Why can undersea volcanoes still appear?

This phenomenon is very common. Submarine volcanoes are also widely distributed. When the lava erupts, the surface will be instantly cooled by the sea water, but the internal temperature is still very high. Today, I want to talk about the seabed phenomenon, which is also very magical. It was not filmed until 2013. Fish will freeze to death after contact with them. What’s the matter?

“Death icicle” on the sea floor

The formation of this phenomenon is mostly in the cold sea water of the polar regions. It is decided from the depth of the ocean that an ice thorn appears and spreads gradually. In this process, if there are fish in contact with it, it will be frozen inside the icicle instantly. So how does this strange phenomenon form in the depth of the ocean?

In the cold zone, this is a very special natural phenomenon, which is called death icicle by scientists. When the temperature begins to decrease, the sea surface begins to freeze. In the deep sea, because of too much salt, it will be squeezed out. However, when some sea water is too high in salt content, but the freezing point is lower, it will make a lot of sea water freeze It doesn’t freeze when the temperature is below zero degrees centigrade. In addition, Shanghai water is not immutable, but constantly flowing. When the density is relatively high, some seawater with low temperature but high concentration will sink automatically.

When this part of the special sea water melts with the normal sea water, it will freeze rapidly, forming a strange scene on the bottom of the sea. In the cold sea water, an icicle will form instantly. It can reach the state of disease, which means that its temperature is below zero degrees Celsius. If other marine organisms pass by at this time, they will be instantly frozen to death by the cold sea water, and they may be rolled into the icicle and condensed into a part of the icicle.

It was first recorded in 2013

This strange phenomenon is very rare on the sea. The first time it was found was in the 1960s. At that time, because there was no relevant professional equipment to record the whole picture, there was only a simple text description. Until 2013, the BBC recorded the formation process of the death icicle in the process of sinking into the seabed, which lasted for about 5-6 years It’s an hour, and a lot of creatures are killed. The scene is very spectacular. For marine life, in the face of this very deadly phenomenon, many fish have evolved the ability to cope, that is, they can still survive in the low temperature environment of 0 ℃. When it comes to a warm environment, it comes back to life again. What do you think of this?

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