The deepest mine in the world has been more than 4000 meters underground. What did they dig?

In South Africa, there is one of the deepest mines in the world, called the mponig mine, which has reached a depth of more than 4000 meters. What is mined in such a deep mine is the most desirable gold. It is said that the recoverable amount is still huge, and it will continue to dig deeply.

It takes one and a half hours for miners to reach the underground mining face every day. The elevator carrying them can carry 150 people at a time, and the running speed is 48 km / h. the miners should wear the most basic safety protection measures and headlights. In addition, each person is also equipped with a set of breathing equipment. In case of accidents or toxic gases, this set of breathing equipment can be used for miners Provide half an hour of oxygen. The miners took the first elevator from the ground to stop at the depth of 2220 meters underground, and they had to “transfer” another elevator to continue to descend to the depth of 3420. There are 7.5 meters wide tunnels illuminated by lights, and the walls are also covered with very thick pipes conveying water, electricity and fresh air from the ground down, as well as rails and trams used to transport ores and mines Workers, it is said that there are cockroaches living there. They are huge and can reach 5cm long. However, the mining environment of the miners is very bad. The people in the mine cave can’t walk, and the headlights will be scraped off at any time. The air in the mine cave is dense with dust, which makes people’s breathing more difficult than the ground. The narrow tunnel makes most of the mining work to be done by people kneeling or lying on their stomach.

The mponig mine and the other two mines with a depth of more than 3500 meters are collectively known as the siviz mine, which is the largest gold mine in the world and also considered as the most advanced representative of deep mine mining in the world. However, scientists are still planning to continue to dig deep. In fact, there are the most realistic reasons behind this: the siviz mine has been mined for more than 100 years, which is a century The gold mined has reached one third of the world’s total gold production. However, in recent years, the amount of gold mined has been greatly reduced, and the mining work is becoming more and more difficult. People know that there are still a lot of ores hidden underground, but their buried depth is far beyond reach. Therefore, people are constantly challenging the limit and setting deeper new goals, so there will be more Unexpected difficulties and dangers are waiting for them.

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