The depth of this underground cave is more than 2000 meters. It is inaccessible and has never reached the deepest level so far

The deepest natural cave that has been found on the earth is the kurubyara cave in the Republic of Abkhazia, Georgia. After several arduous and in-depth explorations, the exploration team can confirm that the known maximum depth of the cave is 2191 meters. So far, the total length of the cave is 13432 meters.

It was discovered in 1960. Since its discovery, people have been exploring the cave. At present, more than 2191 meters is the deepest place where people can reach the bottom of the cave. The concept of 22000 meters is put into our life. If we can take an elevator to go deep into the cave, it will take 20 minutes, which is equivalent to the height of 6.5 Eiffel towers.

The cave is located in the arabeka mountain. The mountain is composed of limestone. The highest altitude is 2661 meters. The surface belongs to karst landform, which is also common in southern China. However, no such deep cave has been found. There are many unknown areas in the cave. People have found some creatures in the cave, which are similar to those on the earth’s surface, including fish and insects Because of their deep location, they can’t see the sunlight. They are transparent and look lovely. These creatures also form a unique ecosystem in the cave.

People who can go deep into caves have extraordinary bravery, because this exploration is quite dangerous, and many people are killed for it. The great explorers also drew maps according to their own explorations. At present, although people have reached the bottom of the cave, there is still underground water at the bottom. The depth of the water is still unknown. If we have the opportunity to continue to explore, the depth of the water is immeasurable!

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