The descendants of alien civilization now live on earth? This ancient civilization stunned experts!

One of the reasons why people are still exploring the mysteries of the universe is to know whether the universe is really a wasteland and whether the earth is the only planet with life. According to current speculation, there may be extraterrestrial life, but humans are still far away from discovering them. However, perhaps millions of years ago, aliens have arrived on earth!

There are many indigenous peoples in the Republic of Mali in West Africa, where the traffic is closed and the economy is backward. Many tribes still live a very primitive life, so they have retained many ancient and primitive cultures. Among them, an indigenous people named dogong is very curious because of its inseparable relationship with aliens!

Dogong did not have his own words, and all his knowledge was handed down from generation to generation through oral instruction. However, in this primitive tribal culture, there is a myriad of connections with the distant stars. Their legend has something to do with Sirius. They have always worshipped the companion star of Sirius, which is far away and invisible to the naked eye. What’s more, they also know that the orbit of Sirius companion is elliptical, the period of its orbit around Sirius, and even that it is a small and dense celestial body.

Although Sirius is 51 trillion miles – 8.7 light-years away, it is one of the brightest stars in the night sky that we can see with the naked eye. Sirius is accompanied by a companion star orbiting around a big star in an elliptical orbit. It is small, dark, dense and invisible. Although the eyes of the dogong people can’t see the dim companion stars, the old people can draw the tracks and various figures of two stars on the ground with their canes.

It was not until the mid-18th century that astronomers first observed it through telescopes. And these people have known it for thousands of years. It’s kind of like science fiction. It’s incredible, but it’s true.

It’s not surprising that they can find distant stars only by their poor environment and knowledge level?

What’s more strange is that in the legend of the dogong people, a long time ago, a spaceship took refuge here to live with the early dogong people. Some scientists even call them descendants of aliens.

To this day, there are still paintings of the dogong people, recording the scene of their God, half human and half fish, descending from the sky in a boat with flames. What’s more, the knowledge of Sirius companion mastered by dogong people was taught by these extraterrestrial visitors.

Scientists are not sure whether the legend of this strange people is true. But the knowledge revealed by this ancient civilization really surprised astronomers. Did their wisdom come from aliens? Is there really an alien on Sirius companion? It may be many years before the answer is revealed.

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