The detector captured a strange image: a huge object near the sun, bigger than three earths

We often hear that someone has seen UFO, and this information is spread all over the world. But the strangeness is that these UFOs break the laws of physics recognized by the earth civilization. Therefore, what it brings to human beings are often unexplained mysteries. This is also the reason why human beings can’t help associating with extraterrestrial super civilization and mysterious aircraft.

But now the question is, do these strange and inexplicable UFOs just appear on the earth?

The answer is obviously not! With the continuous improvement of the level of human exploration of science and technology, the footprints into the universe are more and more in-depth. More and more reports about mysterious flying objects are appearing on a series of stars in the solar system, such as the national space station, the moon, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and so on. Even UFOs appear near the sun.

Perhaps it is for this reason that more and more people around the world begin to believe that extrasolar super civilization has arrived in the solar system. In other words, there is a mysterious and profound connection between them.

The most exciting thing happened this year is that on June 20, 2020, NASA’s observer Parker sent to the sun took several strange photos in succession, showing a large number of suspicious objects flying near the sun, even more than three earths in size!

After in-depth analysis, the Alien Hunter cester believes that this kind of UFO is likely to be the “man-made aircraft” of extraterrestrial intelligent creatures. Because it has too obvious traces of wisdom. The shape of this huge aircraft is very similar to that of a huge aircraft with two wings. The photos taken from different angles also look like a typical dish. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that it is the product of intelligent creatures. This in turn proves that there are super intelligent creatures in our solar system.

Seth, an Alien Hunter, believes that the solar system has an unspeakable special relationship with these super intelligent creatures. For example, the solar system has the special materials they need. Of course, more importantly, the solar system or its experimental objects, and there is a button on the sun to control the whole solar system.

The reason why these UFOs frequently appear in human sounding footprints is probably because they are curious about the wisdom of human beings as “pets” or interested in fun. Therefore, they can track our footprints at any time to observe our interesting behaviors.

But just as the Alien Hunter Seth sold his “perfect explanation” online, NASA scientists hit back. Scientists from the National Bureau of scientific investigation believe that all incredible explanations are to complicate simple problems. As a matter of fact, these UFOs about space are probably what the solar system objects show when they approach the camera lens of the probe. For example, some small meteorites, dense gas ejected by spacecraft engines, and so on, may cause misunderstanding when they enter the lens of the detector.

Of course, it also makes people feel like they are “trying to cover up” lightly. So, what is the huge UFO that Parker photographed this time? Guys, what’s your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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