The disappearance of Neanderthals solved? Scientists have found that their reproduction has bound them!

The process of human evolution is long and cruel. In fact, at the beginning of human birth, there was not only one species. Homo sapiens and Neanderthals were our ancestors. For a long time, the reasons for the extinction of the ededites have been full of controversy. Some people think that the reason for their extinction is that their ability to adapt to nature is not as good as Homo sapiens, so they become the food of Homo sapiens and disappear on the earth. According to the latest research of scientists, they believe that the reason why Neanderthals disappear is that they are constrained by the way they breed.

I don’t know if you have ever found such a phenomenon. Looking at the whole nature, there is a big difference in the degree of freedom of reproduction between human beings and animals in nature. Generally speaking, there is a fixed period of mating and breeding in animals, but there is no fixed period of mating and breeding in humans. In addition to this reason, animal reproduction is also affected by the environment, food and rainfall.

Reproduction in nature

In order to study this phenomenon, scientists once divided animals into three categories to observe their reproductive ability. According to the experimental results, female animals with seasonal reproduction will choose safe and sufficient food sources, so their offspring survival rate is very high. However, some animals that reproduce periodically will not be affected no matter how the environment changes.

In addition to the above two kinds of animals, there is another kind of animals that will breed immediately when the time is ripe. The living conditions of these animals are relatively poor, so breeding opportunities are hard won, and they will seize them in time. It can be said that animal reproduction in nature is very accidental, so why does human beings have no fixed breeding season?

The reproduction freedom of Nepalese is restricted

Scientists believe that, in fact, at the beginning of human birth, our ancestors had a breeding season, and they had studied the death of Neanderthals from this aspect. Although both NYI and Homo sapiens are human species, as the saying goes, there are no two tigers in one mountain. There is bound to be a war between the two races to choose the final winner. The Nepalese and Homo sapiens fought for tens of thousands of years. Scientists believe that the reason why Neanderthals failed was that their freedom of reproduction was restricted.

When we look back at that period of history, Neanderthals are restricted by Homo sapiens, and their number is greatly reduced. They have no way to better adapt to the environment. Because the population size is restricted, they can’t reproduce wildly, and finally they are eliminated by history. What do you think if the Neanderthals can mate with Homo sapiens, or maybe the Neanderthals won’t be extinct?

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