The disappearing ship appears again. Is Bermuda delta the entrance of parallel world?

Many mysterious events often occur on the earth, which are difficult to explain by science. Many people are afraid to mention Bermuda delta, but there have been many mysterious disappearances here in history. Many people think that perhaps there is an entrance to a parallel world in the Bermuda delta, and these disappearing ships and planes are actually going to another space. Is there any basis for this?

Bizarre events continue

In 1872, there was a ghost ship incident in Bermuda delta. When the ship reappeared in front of people, no signs of fighting were found. The materials on the ship were still very intact, but all the staff and passengers on the ship disappeared. This is really strange to us. However, this is not the only missing incident in Bermuda delta. In the past six months, strange things have happened one after another in this sea area.

In 1881, a captain named Baker found a ship. There were no crew or tourists on the ship, but there were plenty of supplies. This phenomenon attracted his attention, so he decided to take the ship back to study. Unexpectedly, during the return process, there was a storm. The rope between the ship and baker’s ship was broken, and the ship disappeared in the storm. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the ship appeared again. Surprisingly, the ship did not appear any damage Traces of destruction. So Beck decided to take the ship back to New York again. Unexpectedly, another storm came in the process of returning. This time, the ghost ship disappeared and never appeared again.

In addition to these missing ships, there are also missing airplanes in Bermuda delta. I wonder if you have heard of the disappearance of US fleet 19. At that time, the United States sent six planes to carry out the flight mission. When the six planes passed through the Delta, they unexpectedly disappeared. At that time, the United States sent a search and rescue plane to search and rescue, but even the search and rescue plane failed to come back. Even after the United States expanded its search scope, it still found nothing, even the fragments of the plane were not found.

Entrance to the parallel universe?

There are too many disappearances in Bermuda delta. As time goes on, these disappearances have become the talk of human beings. In order to solve the mystery of Bermuda delta, scientists have also carried out a lot of research. They believe that there may be a strong magnetic field in Bermuda delta, or that Bermuda delta is the entrance to the parallel world, and these disappearances are inevitable It is very likely that our ships and planes have gone to another time and space.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for such a statement, but until now, there is no answer to these incidents. Many conspiracy theorists believe that there must be some secrets on the bottom of the Bermuda delta. What do you think? Does parallel universe really exist?

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