The discoveries made by the probe on Mars make scientists firmly believe that human migration to Mars can be realized

Among the many planets in the solar system, Mars is the only one that human beings love and regard as the “second home”. The main reason is that the environment of Mars and our earth is very similar, and the distance is relatively close. Although there are many earth like planets outside the solar system, the distance is too far for people to reach. Maybe in the next century or even a thousand years, there will be no leap forward. So second, we should focus on Mars in the solar system.

Since the first human probe to Mars in 1962, a number of probes have flown to this fascinating planet.

In the early days, the rover observed the temperature of the topography of Mars, which gives us a better understanding of it. Mars has a landform similar to the earth. The altitude of Olympus mountain is more than 20000 meters, which is twice as high as Mount Everest, and it is the highest mountain in the known solar system.

Mariner’s gorge, also known as mariner’s gorge, is more than 4000 kilometers long. The deepest place is 8 kilometers. The gorge in the early morning seems more charming. The sun shines on the dust in the Martian atmosphere, leaving a blue sun in the sky. If you stand on Mars, you can see such a wonderful scene.

In 1997, Pathfinder landed on Mars. This is a picture taken by Pathfinder. It can be seen that the rocks are inclined in the same direction. Scientists believe that floods will impact these rocks.

The gamma ray spectrometer on Odyssey discovered a large amount of water ice under the surface of the Antarctic and Arctic. This discovery was confirmed by the subsequent Phoenix Mars probe. If all the ice melted, Mars would no longer be barren.

In 2004, the Opportunity rover discovered a blue marble shaped object, known as Mars blueberry.

This is a picture of Mars’ pavnis volcano. The cave in the picture looks like an entrance to an underground cave. What caused these unusual caves on Mars.

Methane is an important molecule produced by microorganisms on earth. Curiosity also found methane on Mars, which makes us curious.

These discoveries make scientists firmly believe that human beings can realize their dream of living on Mars one day. Or since water resources have been discovered on Mars, there may be some mysterious material on Mars. Unfortunately, human beings have not been able to land on Mars and explore in a short distance, which makes these lives not exposed to human beings.

The rover that the United States once launched on Mars took a picture of the crater on Mars, saying that there used to be a vast ocean of water, just like the ocean on earth.

At the same time, because of the low temperature, there are still a lot of water ice here, which shows that there are water ice not only in the north and south polar regions, but also in other places. Even if the water ice is in the form of dry ice, it is enough to prove that Mars can be the hope for the future of mankind.

Scientists speculate that billions of years ago, Mars not only had water everywhere, just like the earth, but also had a very pleasant climate and a thick atmosphere to resist ultraviolet rays.

Xiaobian believes that since Mars once had such an environment, scientists have the hope to transform Mars into a planet suitable for human habitation. The hope of human migration to Mars will come true.

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