The discovery of 98% of planets similar to the earth, known as the earth brothers, scientists are very worried!

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, various industries go hand in hand, promoting the vigorous development of human civilization, ushering in an era of blooming flowers. It is precisely because of the progress of science and technology that human beings have risen to a new stage in the short span of one hundred years. It also enables people to have a different vision from before. Human beings gradually begin to explore the mysterious space, yearning and curious to understand the Unknown Universe.

The reason why human life has changed so much in the past century is because of science and technology. With the improvement of science and technology, people’s quality of life is rising. The fast and convenient way of life also greatly improves people’s sense of happiness. They can do a lot of things without going out, so that the communication between people is not blocked by space, which is totally unimaginable before.

With the rapid development of science and technology, it also brings unimaginable destruction and disaster to the earth where we live. We can all see that the earth’s environment is not as good as it used to be. Various natural disasters such as typhoons are coming one after another, and the frequency of typhoons this year is even more frightening. The cost of continuous destruction of the earth’s environment comes with the improvement of science and technology, and the consumption of the earth’s resources is unimaginable. The increase of global temperature, the rise of sea level, the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, and the recovery of ancient viruses all remind mankind that the earth is being eroded bit by bit, and will gradually become no longer suitable for human survival. And if human beings want to survive, in addition to continuing to protect the environment and delay time, there will only be migration to other planets.

And the conditions of immigration are extremely harsh, we must find a planet that fully adapts to human life, so that human civilization can continue. Originally, scientists were optimistic about Mars, which is very close to the earth and similar to the earth. However, after research and understanding, it is found that Mars is not suitable for human survival. With the current technology, if you want to live in Mars, you have to go through a huge transformation, which can not guarantee success. If we can’t get out of the solar system, Mars may be a helpless choice for human migration.

After scientists attach great importance to the use of Kepler found a new planet, the important thing is that this planet and the earth is very similar, the volume is also larger than the earth on a circle, like siblings, similarity as high as 98%! This newly discovered planet is located in the constellation Cygnus. It has water and atmosphere. Its environment is no different from that of the earth. The only difference is that it has a large volume and a mass much higher than that of the earth. It can be said that it is the second earth. But this planet is 1400 light-years away from us, which is a desperate distance for human beings.

Although it is very far away from the earth, but in the vast universe, with our current technology, it is almost impossible to find a planet so similar to the earth, so scientists still pay close attention to it. It doesn’t mean that we can’t go in the future if we can’t reach it now. However, scientists are happy and have a terrible idea. This planet is so similar to the earth. Will there be intelligent life on it and civilization like human beings? In terms of time, the birth time of this planet is much longer than that of the earth. If intelligent life is really evolved, their civilization will certainly be ahead of human beings, and human beings will not be able to immigrate to this planet. Even if the strength of this planet is not as good as that of the earth, we humans will certainly be regarded as aggressors in the past. If we want to immigrate to this planet, there must be a star war.

It is believed that there will be many civilized planets in the universe, but due to limited knowledge, they cannot be detected. While we human beings are developing science and technology rapidly, we must also protect the environment of our “base”, which will be the top priority of our survival and development.

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