The discovery of a huge mountain range several kilometers under the ice on the Antarctic continent is not optimistic, scientists say

The main area of the earth is the ocean, and the land only accounts for about 29%. But is this the case? There is also a special area on the land, that is, the Antarctic continent. Although the Antarctic continent is also a land, it is covered by ice and snow, and is essentially water. Since the beginning of the human industrial revolution, the destruction of the earth has become increasingly serious. At the same time, the exhaust emissions from various factories and industrial products have also increased the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The global climate temperature has been rising due to the greenhouse effect. In recent years, the annual high temperature is constantly reaching a new high.

Global warming will also affect the Antarctic ice sheet. In recent years, the Antarctic ice sheet has begun to split, the bottom under the ice has begun to melt, and some huge ice blocks have begun to move. Recently, data obtained by the polar gap project of the European Space Agency (ESA) found that under the ice layer of the Antarctic continent, which is several kilometers deep, there is a huge mountain range stretching for thousands of kilometers. The Antarctic continent has always been famous for its mystery and danger. People used to think that Antarctica is a world of ice and snow. Recently, scientists have obtained a landscape map of the Antarctic under the ice by using ice radar. The seemingly flat depths of the Antarctic ice desert are actually extremely complex valleys. Among them, the three canyons connecting the East and West ice regions are the most eye-catching. The scientists said that the global sea level may rise greatly because of these three canyons

The length of the three canyons is different. Through the model simulation, it is found that the terrain of the canyons can prevent the glaciers flowing through the southwest polar region from entering the coast. However, with the increasing global climate temperature, the ice and snow at the bottom begin to melt, and the ice sheet will become thinner and thinner. These valleys and mountains may greatly speed up the flow of inland glaciers to the edge of Antarctica, resulting in global sea level changes rise.

Many people may think that the melting of glaciers in the Antarctic continent has nothing to do with them, but in fact, it has a lot to do with them. Just now, we said that 71% of the earth is the ocean. Although the land area accounts for 29%, the total area of the Antarctic continent is about 14 million square kilometers, accounting for 9.4% of the world’s total land area. It is composed of continents, continental ice and islands around the Antarctic, of which the land area is 12.393 million square kilometers It covers an area of 1.582 million square kilometers of continental ice and 76000 square kilometers of islands.

As you can see, the area of the Antarctic continent is amazing. Once all these glaciers melt, the sea level will rise by about 60 meters, and at least 10% of the global land area will be drowned. For example, some coastal areas will no longer exist, and only some areas with higher altitudes can be preserved. At that time, northern China may become coastal areas. With the reduction of land area, the number of human population is increasing. At that time, people’s housing will be very difficult. Maybe people can only build cities on the sea, and most people have to live on the sea.

Once the Antarctic glaciers melt, the land area will become a scarce resource. It is estimated that the people who can live on the land are some rich people or celebrities of the upper class. Ordinary people can’t afford to live, so they can only live in the cities on the sea.

Now some countries or enterprises are trying to build maritime cities. Many people may be eager to live in maritime cities. It is true that once a maritime city is built, it is not affordable for ordinary people. It must be some rich people who go to live in it. But in the future, it may be just the opposite. Maritime cities are where ordinary people live, while land is where real celebrities live It’s a good place.

We don’t want Antarctica’s glaciers to melt. Scientists are now thinking of various ways to control global warming, but the effect is weak. Sometimes the power of nature is beyond human power. However, some time ago, some scientists said that the earth will usher in the little ice age, which may also be a good relief. When the earth’s temperature drops slowly, there is no need to worry about the melting of Antarctic icebergs.

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