The discovery of a lake on Mars one billion years ago has triggered a heated debate in the scientific community that extraterrestrial life may exist at the bottom of the lake

Since human beings began to explore the universe in the 1960s, our scientists have never stopped exploring for decades. They are marching towards other unknown planets.

After more than ten years of exploration on Mars, no one has ever found lakes, because Mars itself is a planet with dry climate. Due to the lack of water, dry Mars can not always be full of vitality. In the current research, ancient ice lakes have begun to appear on Mars.

For many people, Mars is just a preliminary impression. Generally speaking, on this planet, the climate is bad and sometimes there are storms. On this planet, there are endless sand dunes, and there is no other material at all. There is no grass on this planet. This understanding of Mars is, of course, very traditional.

With the continuous launch of Mars probe, a large number of man-made satellites and exploration vehicles began to be densely distributed on Mars. Therefore, after intensive work, researchers conducted a survey on Mars. Recently, it was reported that a mysterious lake was discovered on Mars, which made scientists happy.

From morning till night, from lunar exploration on the moon to numerous probes launched, some traces of suspected alien civilization have been found in the universe. But this time, scientists are happy that they have found a lake on Mars for thousands of years, which is likely to have creatures there.

This lake, as can be seen clearly from the Mars probe, is located on a plain on the surface of Mars, surrounded by barren sand. Only this lake exists independently in the sediment. From it, we can see that the width of this lake is about 20 meters. According to the isotopic dating, the area of this lake can reach 10 million cubic meters. This makes scientists wonder whether the paleontology in this Martian lake can survive on Mars for millions of years and live here all the time.

To solve this problem, scientists continue to explore around the lake, hoping to find evidence of the existence of ancient life, but to their disappointment, they haven’t found any abnormality in the past few days. Through the physical effect of sonar sensors, we can know that the lake is about 15 meters deep, which is enough to prove that the bottom of the lake is still relatively deep. Even if there are organisms, the bottom of the lake is likely not to surface.

Indeed, the discovery of this lake has broken the previous definition of Mars. People always thought that life could not exist on Mars because the water on Mars is very hot. From the point of view of today’s scientific exploration, we must strengthen the scientific research on Mars, because the lake area on the surface of Mars is small and the water is very pure.

And this situation is completely unknown, equivalent to the discovery of an ice lake on Mars a billion years ago, still remain indifferent. On the whole, the discovery of Mars ice lake has given scientists greater confidence and made their exploration of Mars full of unlimited power.

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