The discovery of a large number of new energy resources in China accounts for 40% of the world’s reserves, which makes scientists very happy

The earth is not only the home of human survival, but also a planet rich in resources. From the day of human birth, we need the support of energy to survive and develop. It’s just that people in ancient times had no help from science and technology, they could only use very few resources, and the utilization rate of resources was also very low.

Until entering the road of scientific and technological development, with the help of science and technology, the utilization of resources is more and more extensive. Moreover, the rapid development of human science and technology also needs a lot of energy support. It can be said that the development history of human science and technology is the development history of energy. Without energy, no matter how much high technology is, it will be useless.

The main energy used by human beings now is the non renewable resources formed by the earth over a long period of time, such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc. these energies are used a little less, and the rapid development of science and technology also aggravates the consumption of energy, so the competition for energy of human beings in the future will be more and more exciting.

The earth is a planet with many families, and the competition between countries is also the competition of energy. Since ancient times, there have been no wars within human beings. Wars of all sizes occur every year. Even in the modern era of peace, there are all kinds of frictions. The reason for this is still for energy. The war between countries is to fight for energy.

China is a country with large population and resources. All kinds of energy are also very rich, but the oil resource is relatively less. Although China has more energy, but the demand is also large, and it will face the risk of resource depletion in the future. Moreover, energy is still self-sufficient. In addition, China’s oil resources are small, so it is urgent to find new alternative energy.

Fortunately, China has a vast territory and abundant resources. After continuous exploration, a new kind of energy has been discovered by scientists, which is shale gas. Shale gas is a natural gas resource that can be exploited in shale layer. The formation and enrichment of shale gas has its own unique characteristics, and it is often distributed in the basin with a large thickness. China is a very wide basin, so the reserves of shale gas are very low Nature is also very rich.

China’s Sichuan Basin has a large amount of shale gas reserves. At present, China accounts for 40% of the world’s shale gas reserves detected by scientists. Such abundant reserves make many countries envious and make Chinese scientists happy. This means that China will stand out in the future energy competition and become a world energy power.

At present, China has begun to exploit shale gas, which has broad application prospects and will become an important energy resource in the future. The reserves of shale gas in China are huge, enough for our country to use for a long time, and in addition to shale gas as a new energy, there is also a new energy reserves is very rich, which is combustible ice.

It is a kind of organic compound, which is distributed in deep-sea sediments or permafrost. It is an ice like crystalline material formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature. It is also called “combustible ice” because it looks like ice and can burn in case of fire. The main storage of combustible ice is in the deep sea, and China’s sea area is rich in combustible ice reserves, which is also an important new energy in the future.

However, the exploitation of combustible ice is many times more difficult than that of shale gas. Because it is in the deep sea, and it is a very combustible material, once there is no safe and stable exploitation technology and method, once the combustible ice leaks, the consequences will be very serious, which will aggravate the greenhouse effect and greatly increase the global temperature. Therefore, the commercial exploitation of combustible ice has not been realized in the world at present, and only small-scale exploitation is applied to research.

These are just the non renewable resources on earth, whether it’s oil, natural gas, shale gas or combustible ice. It took the earth a few million years to form them. So they will run out one day in the future, and the earth will run out of resources. Therefore, the real hope of human energy in the future is in space.

The universe is vast and vast, with numerous celestial bodies. Naturally, there are not far away energy sources. Take the solar system for example, the number of asteroids is too large to be estimated. Asteroids carry no less than 100000 asteroids. There are countless asteroids in the Kuiper belt, and the number of celestial bodies in the more distant Oort nebula is unknown.

The resources on these asteroids in the sun are enough for human development for a long time. As long as we realize space mining technology, human beings will no longer worry about resources and energy. Once mankind has entered the second level civilization, it will have the strength to exploit the energy of stars, which is a huge energy treasure house. With the continuous improvement of civilization level, we can use more and more energy, such as dark matter, dark energy, black hole energy and so on.

It can be seen that science and technology is the primary productive force. Its strength can change the fate of human beings, enable human beings to have inexhaustible energy, enable human civilization to become a powerful civilization in the universe, and enable human civilization to continue. As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, even if one day this side of the universe is destroyed, we can still go out of the universe, go to other universes to live, and even create a new universe.

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