The discovery of a million year old pyramid in Tibet? There are more than 100. Is it related to ancient Egypt?

Tibet is a sacred place for many literary and artistic youth. Every year, young people go to Tibet. In fact, there are many mysteries in Tibet. Many mysteries have happened in this ancient land. Some people even claim that the source of the universe Hitler sought was hidden in Tibet. Of course, these are all legends, but there is a very famous peak in Tibet – Mount Gangrenboqi. The reason why this mountain peak is mysterious and famous is that it is located at 30 degrees north latitude.

north latitude

30 degree line

If you are familiar with geography and history, you will suddenly realize that there are many wonders of the world in this latitude line. The pyramids of Egypt are located near this latitude line. Something that scientists can’t explain happened in gangrenboqifeng. In the eyes of Buddhists, Shiva lives here. Since ancient times, mount Gangrenboqi has attracted many pilgrims, and even scientists and explorers hope to come here to unravel the secrets of the peak.

Although many explorers come to the mountain every year, no one can reach the top. The local people claim that mount Gangrenboqi is the center of the universe. Only gods can climb it, and no mortal can reach it. In 1998, a foreign scientific investigation team came to mount Gangrenboqi. At that time, an eminent monk gave the scientists a picture one by one and described to them the magic of Mount Gangrenboqi. Ernst, the scientist and leader of this team, was very surprised when he saw this picture. He blurted out that this is not a mountain at all, just like a pyramid.

What’s the connection between Goran Rinpoche and the pyramids of Egypt?

His words attracted the attention of other colleagues. When we carefully observed this picture, we were shocked. This mountain is really very similar to the pyramid. Is there any connection between the two? In order to solve the mystery of the mountain, the scientific research team began to make an in-depth investigation of Gaoren Boqi mountain. When they were climbing, they would not let go of any suspicious places. They saw many exquisite Buddha statues hidden under the snow, so they decided to climb to the top of the mountain.

Although they were very confident, there were some accidents during the climb. With the increase of height, each of them felt dizzy and very tired. At this time, the eminent monk admonished them not to climb any more. This was the sign of danger. If they violated the gods, they would be punished. But there are still four scientists who don’t believe the words of the eminent monks. They think it’s just feudal superstition, so they continue to climb. Because they finally lost their way, they have to go down the mountain. It’s not over here. They all died of premature senility within a year of finishing their scientific research task.

The pyramids of Mount gangren Boqi?

This phenomenon is really puzzling. Even scientists have no way to explain it after seeing these phenomena. Is mount Gangrenboqi really related to the pyramids of Egypt? Ernst organized the second mission. In this mission, they found more than 100 pyramids at the foot of Mount Gangrenboqi. This result directly attracted the attention of the whole world. Over the past 10 years, every year, scientists came to Tibet to inspect these pyramids, which have been one million years away from us. With the deepening of the investigation, they found that the Sphinx of Egypt was facing the direction of Mount Ganren Boqi. Is all this a coincidence or a deliberate arrangement?

Although scientists believe that Gangrenboqi and Egyptian pyramids are relics of prehistoric civilization, there must be a connection between them. But we all know that if prehistoric civilization really exists, it can not leave any traces. Some people make a bold guess that these mysterious relics are not left by intelligent life, but built by aliens. I don’t know what you think of them?

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