The discovery of a mysterious well at the bottom of the pyramid, or its use for space-time travel, is beyond the scope of scientists’ knowledge

In Egypt, the supreme leader of the country is different from the Chinese. The Chinese call him the emperor, while the Egyptians call him the Pharaoh. The ancient Egyptian pharaohs built pyramids to bury the dead, which is equivalent to mausoleums. In foreign countries, the ancient rulers built mausoleums for themselves, including Chinese and foreigners.

The pyramid is famous for its sharp top and wide bottom. It is obvious that the construction of this kind of building is very difficult, which reflects the wisdom and ability of the ancient Egyptian working people. The reason why such a pyramid was built is that the ancient Egyptian Pharaons preached that they were the sons of the sun, and people could be reincarnated smoothly after death. Therefore, the pyramid coincides with people’s idea, which is a belief .

The pyramid is a miracle building left by ancient times. Its exquisite architecture naturally attracted many people to visit. In the late 17th century, people found some strange things in the pyramid. At that time, in 1872, archaeologists found a shaft in the pyramid. The scale is very small, less than half a meter in diameter, but it looks very magical, because the pyramid was built in 3000 BC At the same time, it is impossible to dig such a shaft.

Because the pyramid has always been mysterious, some people think that the whole pyramid was not created by human beings. It is also said that the pyramid is a masterpiece of aliens, but there is no exact evidence. It is difficult for us to say so. However, for the shafts in the pyramid, it is likely that they were built by aliens, because these shafts can correspond to Orion and Sirius in the sky It’s an incredible thing.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped Sirius very much. The culture of ancient Egypt was inextricably linked with Sirius. They believed that their ancestors were gods who came down from these stars and created them. The pharaoh was the son of the eunuch and was sent to rule. The sun was infinitely sacred and the sun was the master of heaven and earth. So the Pharaoh left the shaft in the pyramid to let the Pharaoh return To the sun.

When the Pharaons die, their bodies will be sent to the pyramids, and the souls of the Pharaons will enter through the shafts in the pyramids, enter Sirius, and then return from Sirius to the sun. Therefore, these shafts are the time tunnels that the Pharaons pass through, and these shafts cannot be dug out by human workers. Therefore, the Egyptians think that they are made by aliens. Anyway, these shafts are the time tunnels The structure of the well has gone beyond the scope of current human cognition.

It is true that the eunuchs who dare to go back to the court after the death of the Egyptian pharaoh may not be credible, but it is possible that these shafts were built by aliens. After all, no one knows whether there are aliens. Anything that human beings can’t understand is often pushed by ghosts and gods. What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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