The discovery of a super Earth 65 light-years away is very similar to the earth’s environment, but scientists are reluctant to go there

Since the industrial revolution, the level of human science and technology has been constantly improving, and gradually the living standard has also been improved. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, it also brings some problems to human beings.

With the continuous increase of population, the continuous development of science and technology, the demand for the earth’s resources is also increasing. In addition, many industrial factories emit waste for a long time, which leads to the worse environment and the more serious greenhouse effect.

Maybe one day in the future, the earth will no longer be able to bear the burden of the increasing population. What should we do? So scientists have been very committed to looking for a planet similar to the earth for human survival, looking for a new home for the future of human beings, so that human beings have a place to live.

Human beings spend a lot of money to study various high-tech products to explore the outer sky, in order to find a planet similar to the earth. So far, the earth has lived for 5 billion years.

Today’s earth is already an old man, will gradually aging with the passage of time. However, human beings are gradually expanding, so if there is not a suitable earth like the earth, we will not know where to go.

You know, it’s not as easy to find a planet like earth as we think. The earth has just the right conditions, suitable sunlight, abundant water and sufficient oxygen to breed human beings.

These are the natural material conditions of the earth, which are difficult for any planet at present. Moreover, scientists also regard these conditions as the basic threshold for the second planet. Unless this planet has these conditions, it is not suitable for human survival at all.

In the course of decades of human search, scientists have found several earth like planets, but these earth like planets are not the second planet that scientists are looking for. Because there will always be a lack of certain conditions.

Take our neighbor fire for example, although its revolution cycle is similar to that of the earth, it has a fatal defect, that is, extreme warmth. In addition, there is no stable liquid water on Mars.

Scientists have discovered a super Earth 65 light-years away, a planet rich in water resources. According to observation, the volume and mass of this super earth are more than ten times that of the earth.

In addition to the large difference in size and mass with the earth, but this planet and the earth have a very high similarity. Scientists have found that the super earth is not only rich in a lot of water, more importantly, the liquid water on the planet is available.

Europa, once discovered by scientists, has a large area of ocean, but it freezes all year round and cannot be used by human beings.

It’s about 65 light-years from earth, equivalent to 617 trillion miles. It will take 430000 years for astronauts to get there if they take the fastest vehicle of mankind.

Even if humans may be able to invent spaceships that can fly at speeds close to the speed of light in the future, it will take at least 100 years to get there.

Therefore, if human beings want to explore on the “second earth”, they can only go through the “wormhole” or “time tunnel” described in science fiction movies.

However, the temperature of the planet is very similar to that of the earth, and it also has a stable atmosphere. It can be said that the discovery of this planet has given mankind great encouragement and great hope.

In many exploration cases, this super earth can be said to be the best seed player.

So, since this planet is so good, does it mean that humans are ready to arrange the right immigration? Scientists still dare not act rashly. They think it’s too early to do so, because there may be unsafe situations.

Because some alien creatures may have been bred to a large extent on unknown planets, and they may be more intelligent than humans. So if I venture to disturb you, it may cause a star war.

And the planet is going deep into the universe at an unimaginable speed. According to our current technology, it is very difficult to control the planet.

It seems that this newly discovered super earth is still unable to become our “second planet”.

But we don’t have to be too disappointed. There are still other “second planets” in the universe. In addition, instead of relying on a planet that has not yet been found, it is better to take action now to protect our current living home.

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