The discovery of an alien spaceship under Antarctica? Have they visited the earth long ago and left footprints

In the long history of mankind, many excellent theories have been born, and the same is true of refutation. One of them is widely spread, that is Fermi paradox. What is Fermi paradox? As the saying goes, if there is any civilization at a higher level than human civilization, then they should have known our existence for a long time. However, the fact is that before technology reached this stage, we did not clearly find other alien civilizations.

Although there is no exact evidence, even in the absence of the existence of alien civilization, scientists have never stopped exploring alien civilization. Recently, scientists have discovered a galaxy in the grand universe that may have alien civilization. During the observation, we found that the ecological environment of this galaxy is very close to that of the solar system, especially one of the planets is very similar to the environment and position of the earth. People can’t help asking, is life born on it like the earth?

Although current technology can’t confirm this conjecture, the discovery has aroused people’s enthusiasm for extraterrestrial life. Recently, new discoveries have been made in the south pole of the earth, which may also confirm some conjectures from one side. It is said that a suspicious spaceship object was found in the Antarctic ice. According to the observation, the object has existed for a long time.

So far, researchers have not entered the interior of the object at the site, so all the research now focuses on why Antarctic glaciers appear. There are two main viewpoints of current researchers

One of the hypotheses is that the spacecraft left behind after the alien’s visit to earth is frozen in the Antarctic ice. In fact, it is not groundless to speculate that Antarctica, as one of the uninhabited lands, has been chosen as its base by alien civilizations. In addition to these, there is an idea that the spaceship was abandoned by aliens. As for why it was abandoned, it may be because the spaceship encountered an irreparable failure.

As we all know, the outer layer of the earth is wrapped by the atmosphere. If an object from outer space wants to enter the earth, it is bound to have strong friction with the atmosphere. When an outer aircraft enters the earth, it will have friction. It is not surprising that an accident occurs.

The above two views are just mainstream speculations. As for whether it is really an alien spaceship, we can only know everything when we dig out the ice and enter it. Although the current technology is difficult to achieve, with the development of time and technology, it is only a matter of time before the ice can be cut into the interior. At that time, it was clear what kind of monster it was.

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